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University of michigan zip code

Canadian Postal Code OM Database

What is a Postal Code OM Database?

A set of data put into row and column format for easy use and manipulation. With over 30 unique fields of information, it virtually gives you an unlimited number of ways to analyze all the Canadian Postal Code OM information.

  • We are licensed from Canada Post to sell this data
  • Unlimited users and downloads
  • 1 year of access with monthly updates
  • Immediate download upon purchase, no shipment required
  • Multiple data formats – Excel, Access, CSV (comma delimited)
  • The Business version contains the data for the Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF) which connects Postal Codes to Canadian Census areas.

Purchase & More Information

For more information on our Canadian Postal Code OM Database as well as purchasing, please visit our desktop page.

Data Levels include:

  • OM :: Canadian Postal Code OM s are made up of 6 digits/characters separated into two groups. The sequence is in ANA NAN format where A is Alphabetical character and N is a numerical character. The first three characters (ANA) make up the FSO (Forward Sortation Area).”>Canadian Postal Code OM
  • OM . The name can represent a city, a postal entity, a community or a municipality name.”>City
  • Sort on this field to get all your data grouped by province.”>Province Abbr
  • OM .

Sorting by this field will give you all the data grouped by area code.”>Area Code

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Province Name
  • OM is marked as a general delivery service Postal Code at a Postal Delivery installation. ‘Y’ if the Postal Code OM is general delivery, ‘N’ for no. “>City Flag
    4 Atlantic (GMT -04:00)
    5 Eastern (GMT -05:00)
    6 Central (GMT -06:00)
    7 Mountain (GMT -07:00)
    8 Pacific (GMT -08:00)
    9 Alaska (GMT -09:00)
    10 Hawaii-Aleutian Islands (GMT -10:00)
    11 American Samoa (GMT -11:00)
    14 Guam (GMT +10:00)
    15 Palau (GMT +9:00)
    20 Newfoundland (GMT -03:30)”>Time Zone
  • OM is on daylight savings. Y for yes, N for no.”>Daylight Savings
  • OM measured in meters.”>Elevation
  • Note: The number is only valid for first 3 characters or the Forward Sortation Area (FSA). The population numbers are also not projected to the future. They are actual Census 2011 numbers.”>Population
  • Note: The number is only valid for first 3 characters or the Forward Sortation Area (FSA). The private dwelling numbers are also not projected to the future. They are actual Census 2011 numbers. “>Private Dwellings
  • Area Name
  • Street Name
  • Example: Ave = Avenue (English), AV = Avenue (French), Rd = Road, Cir = Circle”>Street Type
  • Code Direction
    N North/Nord
    S South/Sud
    E East/Est
    W West
    O Ouest
    NE Northeast/Nord-est
    NW Northwest
    NO Nord-ouest
    SE Southeast/Sud-est
    SW Southwest
    SO Sud-ouest “>Street Dir Code
  • Municipality Name
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