Jul 14 2017

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Get a free valuation for your car

Welcome to Sell My Car

Our site was produced to give UK motorists access to quick and easy vehicle valuations, no matter the car’s make and model, without having to have the automotive knowledge of a mechanic. Whether buying a used car from a dealership, or selling your vehicle via automotive classifieds, an approximate valuation of the car. or a similar one, will help you when negotiating a price from the dealer, or work out a decent level to set your selling price. To get started with your car valuation, simply enter the vehicle’s registration, and our systems will attempt to determine both the vehicle’s retail and trade values based on publicly available information about the vehicle. No personal information is needed, just simply enter your registration and receive your free car valuation.

Great for Car Buyers.

Forewarned is forearmed, and having a realistic price in mind puts you in a great bargaining position when negotiating for a second hand car, whether it be with an established car dealer, or a private seller. The vehicle vendor is always going to looking to make the most they can on their sale, whilst you want to make sure you’re paying the right amount, and not getting ripped off. Running a car valuation and vehicle check on the motor before you go and look for it is an easy and cost-free way of getting a guide price which will help you when arranging the potential transaction.

Great for Car Sellers.

Nowadays, many people wanting to sell their car are using internet auction sites to market their vehicle to huge numbers of potential purchasers throughout the UK. They are usually pretty cheap to advertise on, and the volumes of traffic that many sites have means your car is likely to be seen by hundreds if not thousands of pairs of eyeballs. And so, here is another reason to use our online car valuation service when wanting to sell your vehicle. A decent price evaluation will give you a good foundation to work on when deciding what price range you want to market your car at, to get the best number of offers, or to sell it as quickly as possible. If its the quick sale you’re after, a vehicle valuation will help to reassure you that you’re not pricing your car too low.

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