Sep 6 2017

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Rick Cherry The Boss currently travels the country visiting various tattoo shows, displaying his American-made tattoo machines. and allowing himself to be persuaded into doing a few tattoos here and there. Visit our blog to find out where you can catch up with Mr. Cherry at a tattoo show near you!


Are you currently enjoying your new tattoo? Take a look at our aftercare information to find out how to keep your tattoo clean, safe, and vibrant. The first days of tattoo care are crucial for your health and the long-term appearance of your tattoo, so make them count!


Rick s Tattoo Studio employs only the most talented tattoo and piercing artists in the region. A sketch can be changed, but a tattoo is forever so why trust an amateur? Take a look at our artists and their portfolios and find out who our latest guest artists are to make sure you get the tattoo you want.

Yesterday I got my septum pierced by Craig. He was fantastic! I have not had anything pierced in almost 10 years, so I was a but nervous. Although I have 13 tattoos the idea of a piercing made my hands sweat. Craig was wonderful! Very calming and made me at ease with his professionalism.

I recently had a tattoo done by Amy. I could not be happier with how it turned out. She books well in advance, so I met with her and showed her samples of what I wanted. Amy is a great listener and had some very good ideas on how the design could be made better. I had to book Amy about 5 weeks in advance, and she was well worth the wait. I love my tattoo. The colors are incredible, and the design is unique. Amy is extremely professional and personable. I enjoyed talking to her during the appointment. I m not sure if I ll get another tattoo, but if I do I cannot imagine going to anyone but Amy.

I m town on vacation and wanted a new piercing and an old one re-pierced. I was in a Starbucks and asked an employee if they knew of any tattoo parlors close, she did not but a guest who was close by highly recommended Ricks. So off I went Don t let the outside fool ya This place was awesome on the inside. Loved seeing all the employees laughing together and watching the movie FRIDAY. SCORE. I did not have to wait they were on it and Craig Unglesbee came out with a big smile and put me at ease immediately. He showed me options for jewelry and best of all. They have a great selection at great prices. Craig knows his piercing and had both piercing done so quick I didn t have time to get nervous! Though I m from Indy I will always seek this place out whenever I m back in town. Thank you for just being cool and making me feel welcome.

Halle L.. Indianapolis, IN

I went in last minute to get a simple tattoo in honor of my Mom as today would have been her birthday. Troy was taking walk-ins and since it was a really simple item, I wasn t worried about the artist. He took his time and gave the same attention that you would expect for a detailed piece. I plan to get another back piece and he is at the top of my list! The place was clean, professional and the staff friendly. Only note is about parking. Turn down the alley next to the shop and there is a parking lot. This was my 4th tattoo so I can judge shops and this one is high on the list. Cool side story, Troy worked with the artist that did my second tattoo. Art done in two different states and they worked together in yet another state. It really is a small world 🙂

Desiree R.. Washington, DC

I just wanted to supply an update to my review, especially for those who are thinking of getting lettering done by Amy. My tattoo was fully healed just about 2 weeks out from getting the ink done. Now, 8 months later, my tattoo still looks AMAZING. I know that it can be hard if you want your letters to be small Amy recommended the size font I should use and told me that she would not go any smaller .and I m glad I took her advice. The letters still look crisp and clear, just like they did the day she did the work. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a tattoo in the DC area!

Lauren P.. Somerville, MA

I ve been to two other shops in the Falls Church- Arlington area, though I was pleased with one of those shops, Rick s Tattoo surpasses both in so many ways. I went to Ax (Amy) for my little moogle on my wrist, I called ahead to make an appointment and luckily she had time. She was super friendly, she drew up the little guy quickly but with great detail. The whole time we were laughing and I felt comfortable. Her room (and the whole establishment) was very clean and tidy. This was the first time I actually felt I was at a tattoo parlor rather then some dinky office. The price was better than I expected, having 3 other tattoos much smaller than my moogle, my moogle was much less for how much detail went into it. I m going back this month to get a bigger piece and of course I m going back to Ax 🙂

Sandra G.. Woodbridge, VA

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