Apr 9 2017

RC Car Control Programming #car #ramps

#rc car

RC Car Control Programming

High level design of RC car with programming the microcontroller and user interface on a PC


This car is a toy that carries a camera and, being controlled by software from a PC, is driven to the place of user’s interest. Its locomotion is controlled by two DC motors (one on each side) with their speed reduced by gear boxes. I will not discuss the detail of the mechanical and the electronic part of the car and of course the video display part of the software on a PC here. So, inputs and output modules of the car are just represented as blocks. Here is the sketch I have drawn using the Google SketchUp.

In the following figure, the whole project is decomposed into modules.


As I tried to show in the diagram above, there are two main parts of the project: PC and the car. Between the two is an RF link for transmitting commands and a separate wireless video link, which isn’t shown here, for video transmission. I made the RF link a one way communication because the RF components I found support this mode of operation.

At the top-left corner of the diagram, you can see an IR LED and an IR sensor. These are circuits used for avoiding collision with obstacles. Electrical pulses are regularly sent to fire the IR LEDs ON and OFF and two readings are taken during a single period of a pulse, so that the controller “knows” the real reading from the IR sensor. This is done with a simple logic described in the table below.

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