Nov 21 2016

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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

The minimum requirements for Auto Liability insurance in Texas are 30,000 Per accident for bodily injury per person, 60,000 per accident aggregate for bodily injury, 25,000 Property damage liability per covered accident. This provides up to 85 thousand dollars each occurrence.


Uninsured Motorists

Under Insured Motorists

Tips to get discounts on Auto Insurance in Texas

1. Accidents on the road can result in higher premiums at policy renewal time. Avoid accidents and fender benders by keeping your vehicle in good condition.

A well maintained vehicle will perform better when you need it. Good Tire Tread, Topped off Fluids will help endure smooth operation of your vehicle allowing the driver a vehicle more responsive to accident avoidance scenarios on the road.

3. Traffic tickets can cost big on your insurance premiums. Avoid costly citations by observing posted road signs and signaling devices. Careful attention can to Speed limit Change Signs and Zoning signs can result in a safer driving experience. It will also help avoid unintentional transgressions that could result in a ticket, ultimately saving on your insurance rates.

2. Vehicle Safety. Many Automotive Companies are now manufacturing vehicles with new and innovative passenger safety features. As technology advances establishes in the Automotive Industry the trend is expected to continue. Standard and Enhanced Vehicle Safety features can save you big on your car insurance rate

4. Many Drivers simply do not know the discounts that are available to them when they apply for their insurance. If you don t know something exists you cannot position yourself to take advantage of it. Tell your insurance agent about any additional features your vehicle is equipped with

Failure to Maintain

Currently, Failure to maintain required insurance or Financial Responsibility carries a hefty fine and several other penalties including Suspension. An SR22 Filing Requirement is usually imposed before you can get the suspension lifted. The state has recently instituted an annual fine that persists for 2 to 3 years in order to maintain your driving privileges.

Instant Auto Insurance Quotes

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License Address Update

It is important that your address information be correct and up to date with your local Licensing Authority. You will usually receive any notice from them regarding the status of your driving privileges at the home address we last listed.

Many people have found only after months or sometimes years later that they have been driving on a Suspended License. This is usually the result of outdated information on file.

Important Notices

Progressive insurance legislation now requires that insurers must report all Effective insurance policy dates, Expirations and Cancellations to the statewide CARS database. This will facilitate law enforcement to verify insurance coverage on the scene or even before pulling a driver over. This will also enable officers to quickly ascertain if the driver has presented them with an Expired or canceled or otherwise invalid insurance card.

If the scenario follows the usage rules currently followed by many other states. Drivers may in the near future find that their drivers license and car or vehicle registration has been automatically suspended due to a loss of, or a lapse in insurance coverage even though no traffic violation has occurred. Many states have already implemented this method of use. Get instant affordable car insurance quotes today by using the button above. Make sure you’re getting the Best available insurance rate.

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