Dec 2 2017

I want to sell a car, how do I get started? #cars #dealers

#i want to sell my car

I want to sell a car, how do I get started?

“I want to sell a car, how do I get started?”

Firstly the car will need to be prepared to be put on show. Spending a few dollars here and there will add more figures onto the selling price of the car.

If the car has any small chips in the paint work you might want to head to your local car store and purchase some touching up paint. The cost of the touch up paint is low and can restore the original paint job.

Give the rims / mags a good scrubbing too. If your car has some easily detachable hub caps, it might be worthwhile getting a set of new ones. Nowadays, at your local car store, hub caps come in many different sizes and designs to choose from.

Now we move from the outside to the inside. Consider vacuuming the carpets and seats, getting the glass to look invisible or getting an automotive air freshener. Wipe down the dashboard and the driving instruments. Clean out all rubbish from the glove box, back seat and boot.

It might be worth getting the car serviced and a current road worthy certificate. Showing previous work done to the car can add value to it by showing that the car was well maintained.

Once the car is clean it’s time to take some photos. Take one of each side of the car and a few inside the car.

The last step is writing a small description about the car, which will be a piece of cake. Honestly write about the overall condition of the car, any extras and any major repairs to the car.

Now it’s time to place your car ad on Soon thereafter, the phone will start to ring with potential buyers.

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