Feb 10 2017

How To Touch Up Car Paint (Routine Maintenance For Cars) #used #car #warranty

#touch up car paint

How To Touch Up Car Paint

Touching up a small scratch is simple but requires a precise paint brush, a steady hand, and the proper environment. This video will show you how to fix up small scratches on your car at home.

Touching up a scratch on a car, if you are going to do it yourself, get yourself a nice small paintbrush. You don’t want to have a big paintbrush because it will just make a mess of everything. So a nice little one, this sort of size is quite nice.

If it is a bigger scratch you can go a little bit bigger, but in general, nice paintbrush. Paint that I’ve got here has been used for painting a car so it’s got thinners on it. So it’s a little bit too thin, but normally if you bought paint straight from the shop, you’re probably going to find something a little too thick so you need to give the paint a real good mix up, there be particles of different colors in that color.

You would probably find that there would be about six different colors to make this grey. All colors work in the same sort of way. They have loads of different colors in them.

So it’s very important to give it a really good stir, scratching round all the sides and around the bottom of it all and make sure you give it a real good mix up as you would do with mixing up any sort of color. As I said, the paint is thick, but put a little bit of thinners in there and what you can normally do after you have mixed it all up. You will have some on the top which will obviously be and should be the right color.

Put a little bit of thinner in there and mix it in well and once you have got a nice mixture, take the majority of the brush so you have just got enough on there. Go to the car and make sure that the car is nice and dry and clean, make sure the temperature is a sensible temperature. You don’t want it too cold because the paint will not stay on the vehicle, it will just run down.

Make sure it’s one hundred percent dry because the same thing will happen, it won’t stay where it should. Now, you rest your hand on the vehicle and then infill on the scratched part. Not the surrounding areas, just on the scratch where it has been scratched, it’s low.

What you need to do is fill that up. If you start painting on the outside of it all, you get a big blob there, so all your interest is filling up on the inside bit. Where this paint is fairly thin, you might want to leave it for ten or fifteen minutes and then go back to it and do it again.

The idea is to take your time on it. I’m just dabbing it on because it is a metallic color the pigment goes a bit funny at times, so just dab it on, into the low spot, job done. That is how you touch up a car.

Hope what we have explained to you today will come in useful. If there are any other problems, you can check out our website or give us a phone call, and we will be glad to help you out.

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