Dec 23 2017

How do I get temporary car insurance? #certified #used #cars

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How do I get temporary car insurance?

Most car insurance policies run for a year, but there are times when short-term cover for just a few days can work out cheaper and easier.

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Temporary car insurance can be a great alternative for infrequent drivers, or those using another car for a short time.

With cover options ranging from one day to one month, it can often end up being a much more cost-effective way of getting insured than paying for a full 12-month policy. But what else do you need to know.

When might you need short-term cover?

Maybe you decide to borrow a relative s more reliable car for a long journey, or you may be moving house and need a friend s estate to transport your stuff. Perhaps your usual car’s in for repairs?

Rather than the owner having to act as your chauffeur or add you to their existing policy, you can take out temporary car insurance. That way you only pay for the insurance that you need.

It could also be useful if you’ve bought a new car, but have yet to sort out permanent insurance. Or if you have a visitor and you want them to be able to use your car.

It’s generally a cheaper and more flexible option than buying a new policy, or amending an existing one.

What does temporary insurance cover you for?

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Temporary or short-term car insurance policies usually last from one to 28 days, providing comprehensive cover for the car and driver on the policy.

If you re loaning your car to someone, they will often protect your no-claims bonus in case the driver has an accident.

Similarly, any no-claims bonus the driver on a temporary policy has built up on a regular policy will not be lost, should they have an accident.

Finding the right temporary policy

If you compare premiums on a day-to-day basis, short-term cover may seem more expensive than an annual policy.

But when you only need insurance for a short time, it allows you to be flexible, and avoid paying for insurance which you don t need.

Buying the policy itself is straightforward. The majority of companies allow you to arrange the policy online or over the phone. And it takes just a few minutes to get a quote, so you could be on the road in no time.

Short-term car cover can cost as little as 10 a day. But this’ll depend on factors like the driver’s age, their vehicle, and the area in which they live.

You should bear in mind that your driving history, including convictions and previous claims, will usually affect the price of your temporary cover.

Some insurers will even allow customers to add European cover for an additional charge, which might prove useful if you re driving abroad.

Get temporary car and van insurance today

We’ve teamed up with to provide you with short-term car and van insurance at a great price.

If you re aged 18 to 75 with a full UK licence, just use the get a quote button below to get a policy and price tailored to your needs.

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