Sep 5 2017

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Housing Economic Rights Advocates (HERA)

HERA is a California statewide, not-for-profit legal service and advocacy organization dedicated to helping Californians — particularly those most vulnerable — build a safe, sound financial future, free of discrimination and economic abuses, in all aspects of household financial concerns. We provide free legal services, consumer workshops, training for professionals and community organizing support, create innovative solutions and engage in policy work locally, statewide and nationally.

What We Believe

You Are HERA

We believe all residents of the State of California should be protected against discrimination in credit and housing.

You Are HERA

We believe all residents should be able to build a safe financial future.

You Are HERA

We believe in safe, happy people, diverse communities, strong schools, enough money for a good life, equal access for everyone, a healthy environment, affordable credit, thriving small business, clear information, inexpensive/high-quality housing, smart growth, asset building and asset preservation.

What We Offer

Some of the services that HERA offers

  • Free legal advice
  • Representation in court for individuals in some cases
  • Consumer workshops
  • Trainings and technical assistance for attorneys, government, counselors, social workers and more
  • Collaboration
  • Policy work
  • Building new institutions

The Work We Do

We promote affordable and fair credit access, asset building and preservation.
We fight abusive mortgage servicing, problems with homeowner associations, foreclosure, escrow and other homeowner problems.
We fight predatory lending of all kinds.
We provide financial counseling to individuals and community education workshops.
We train attorneys. We train professionals and service providers who are not attorneys.
We translate our clients’ experiences and needs into policy work.
We collaborate with many different partners across the state.


HERA helps people going through reentry and their family members build or rebuild their credit, and we teach you how to address lingering debt problems so that you get a fresh financial start.
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Students, College and Debt

HERA helps you figure out the cost of college, how to price it, and how to manage college debt. We also help you manage student loan debt, whether from college or a for-profit school, and we fight predatory lending practices and scams.
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Debt Collection Problems

HERA helps you understand your legal rights as to debt and credit problems and coaches you through the process of how to handle both. Many different kinds of debts have different kinds of rules describing your rights. On all debts, you have a right to be treated properly by whoever is trying to collect on a debt. HERA teaches you your rights and protects you.
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HERA helps seniors figure out how to hang onto their home and age in the community where they want to be. We also help seniors figure out how to manage all of their debts and other financial concerns.
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Building Credit Safely

Everyone needs to understand how credit works and how it affects their lives. It is also important to figure out how to build or improve your credit, and how to manage it afterward. HERA helps you with that.
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Veterans and Servicemembers

Veterans and servicemembers are targeted for financial scams and expensive credit. Veterans can also face additional burdens financially and need particular help addressing debt and credit concerns. HERA helps veterans and servicemembers and their families handle both.
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HERA helps immigrants understand and navigate our complex financial services systems. We also help immigrants build credit, address collections concerns and abusive practices that target them.
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Investigations and Litigation

HERA litigates cases that we think have merit. Some we litigate as individual cases, others as class actions. Click below to see a little bit of our current and prior work.

Policy Advocacy

At HERA. we translate what we learn from our clients into policy work, most of which we pursue with many partners.

Working Papers

HERA periodically produces research papers to highlight findings from our research and practice.

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