Mar 16 2019

Dairy Free Chocolate: Amanda s Own Confections, confection.



several days ago and just tasted it.

to make it to my son’s Easter

basket. I should probably hide it

writing to say thank you for

supplying a product that allows my

severely dairy-allergic child to

enjoy the Easter holidays like a

normal child, with a REAL

chocolate bunny in his basket. I

had searched stores in my area

for a dairy-free bunny, to no avail.

and are so grateful that we can

feed it to our food-allergic children

without any worry at all. Just today

I was telling some friends about

your Easter chocolates (as they

were admiring the football and

soccer lollipops my kids were

eating)! I always have to buy extra

for me to eat since your chocolate

is way better than anything sold at

the stores – I truly mean that!

to see what other

customers have to say!

and Chanukah / Hanukkah , or the everyday events that include chocolate like baking chocolate chip cookies with dairy free

loved it. We shared our chocolate with friends who have children with food allergies and the response to the great taste and

safe ingredients was overwhelmingly positive, so we decided to offer these treats to everyone.

importance to us, as the safety of our child and yours depends on it.

Written by REAL-ESTATE

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