Jun 12 2018

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Sell Junk Cars

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Sell Your Junk Car Today!


  • Professional Licensed Representatives.
  • Any Car, Van, SUV or Truck.
  • We Do All The Paperwork.
  • No Hidden Costs or Fees.
  • Free Pick-up and Tow.
  • Top Dollar Paid.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Paid for Your Junk Car

Junk Cars For Ca$h.

Get Paid Cash For Your Junk Car!

Got A Car That’s Past Its Prime? We’ll Pay You A Decent Dime!

The BEST Ca$h Payouts For Junk Cars Anywhere !

Do you have a car that doesn’t start?

We buy junk cars

That’s 25 years old?

With more miles on it than the odometer can count?

Then we want to pay you cold, hard cash!

Junk Cars For Ca$h is America’s best-paying Junk Car Recycling service.

We trade cold cash for clunkers, even when they’re fit for the junk yard!

It doesn’t matter how bad a condition your car is in. If it’s got ANY parts that we can use, we want to trade you cash for it!

You might not know it, but even if you’re ready to leave your car at the dump, it’s worth tons of money to companies that need resources.

Metal, upholstery, electronics, even glass. These parts are extremely valuable to businesses. And that’s why even a car with $0 resale value could be worth more than a thousandВ

dollars in recyclable parts.

We buy junk cars

That’s Right! We’ll Pay Up To $1000 And Beyond For Old Junk Cars With $0 Resale Value

As a National Corporation, our mandate is to take old junk cars and turn them back into raw materials.

On the used car market, a car is valued by its brand name, its condition, miles clocked, and how well it runs.

In a recycling shop, your car is valued by what’s in it!

That’s why you can sell even the most useless, beat up rust bucket car in the world

to us for up to $1000!

We only care about what it’s made of, not how it runs.

Junk cars, lemons, clunkers, whatever work you want to call them.

We want as many as we can get, and we’ll pay you cold hard ca$h for yours!

And the best part is…

We’ll Quote You Over The Phone When You Call Us At 888-997-8237!

Most junk car recycling shops need you to bring your car down for an appraisal.

But at Junk Cars For Ca$h, we’ll quote you directly over the phone!

Just call us at 877-265-6170, tell us the make, model, mileage and condition of your car, and we’ll give you an initial estimate.

Then whenever you’re ready, we’ll bring a truck down to pick up your car.

Finally, the payment will be agreed, finalized and PAID back at the shop.

It’s that easy.


  • Give us a call at 877-265-6170 and get your FREE QUOTE!
  • Schedule a pickup.
  • Get paid up to $1000 incash for your junk car!


  • We buy junk cars

  • We buy junk cars

  • We buy junk cars

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