Aug 29 2017

Car Donation for the National Veteran s Services Fund #car #appraisal

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Makes Car Donation Easy

The cash your donated vehicle sells for at auction will go to the National Kidney Foundation.

The National Veterans Services Fund Vehicle Donation Program

The National Veterans Services Fund provides real support to veterans and their families, focusing especially on families with disabled children. Veterans and their families suffer a high incidence of chronic health problems, causing detrimental effects to those families physical, psychological, social, and economic well-being. The National Veterans Services Fund provides all types of assistance to veterans help with medical expenses, wheelchairs and other aids to accessibility, emergency economic assistance, even covering everyday costs like paying bills and providing gift cards for those who really need it. When you donate a car you can help this extraordinary organization provide help where it is needed most for those who have given back to our country.

Thinking of Donating Your Car?

Donate a vehicle to support the National Veterans Services Fund and make a real difference for America’s heroes. Your car, truck, van, RV, boat, trailer, motorcycle, or other vehicle can become the support the National Veterans Services Fund needs to provide essential services to Veterans and their families.

The National Veterans Services Fund is dedicated to helping in the following ways:

  • Provides assistance to veterans and their families on a case-by-case basis
  • Combines family-guided case management (service coordination) and advocacy assistance while strengthening business, social and community support.
  • Provides care designed to empower families so that they can successfully navigate different health and social systems.

When you donate a car, truck, van, RV, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle you help provide services for our nation’s heroes when they need it most. You also get the ease and convenience of vehicle donation, including free pick-up of your donation and a tax deduction if you itemize your return. Vehicle donation is easy, just call (800) 498-2814 or use the easy online form.

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