Nov 28 2017

Can I drive a left-hand drive car in the UK? #salvage #cars

#left hand drive cars

Can I drive a left-hand drive car in the UK?

%img src=”” /%It is perfectly legal to drive a left-hand drive (LHD) car in the UK, but whether you’re permanently importing a new vehicle to the country or bringing your existing car from Europe on a holiday or a business trip, there are a number of important things to consider.


Before choosing your left-hand drive (LHD) car, you need to think about insurance. If you are importing an LHD car to the UK you need to make sure that you have a left-hand drive insurance policy in place. If you are bringing your car from Europe you should check with your current European insurer to find out if you are covered to drive in Britain. If not, it s worth considering a temporary car insurance policy for the duration of your stay.

Import tax and registration


Driving on the left

Position on the road

Watch your speed


Overtaking in an LHD car is particularly risky because you can t see oncoming traffic as clearly as you could in an RHD car. It is recommended that you keep your distance from the vehicle in front in case you are unable to overtake and need to return to your lane, and make good use of your mirrors at all times.

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