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Buying & Selling Hot Wheels Toy Cars

Hot wheels cars

When buying and selling Hot Wheels Car it is best to know your market. To start, I would invest in a Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels. This book is very detailed and gives you photo examples of the cars. You don’t have the buy the latest edition unless you really want to stay current on prices. I would also suggest buying the Warman’s Field Guide for Hot Wheels. This is a mini pocket guide that contains the values and identification. This book is actually really helpful while out and about! Both books are rather inexpensive and they could be purchased, usually on eBay or for less than $10.00. They are worth the investment! Remember the prices listed, will not always reflect the going eBay prices. This is a huge misconception. I have seen cars go for more, some go for half price, some sell for less, or some not sell at all.

One famous hot selling line of Hot Wheels would be called the redline or redlines. These cars were made in the 1960s to 1970s in which all four tires contain a red circle around them. This line of cars is usually for the series collector in which buying these cars can be no object. Many refer to the first redline cars as the sweet 16, or the first 16 cars made.

The next hot series is called the treasure hunt cars. These were first released in 1995 in which production was limited. These can come in a four pack or just singles. They will have a green background, followed by a treasure$hunt logo. These are very difficult to find and could cost a pretty penny.

Color also makes a huge difference. The most desirable colors are pink, light blue, purple, antifreeze, magenta, and green. The color pink was very uncommon originally with hot wheels because it was not considered boy like to have this color. Now this color car is rare to find and produces higher prices on the market! Color also matters when it comes to the interior and accessories. Some rare cars will have a hard to find interior such as white or have accessories to the car which will be a rare color. Many other desired cars contain the same color exterior and interior. The next line of cars would be the blackwalls, which began after the redline era in 1977. These tires are made in solid black.

One thing to keep an eye out for is some may not be totally authentic. For example, many of the redline series car tires can be easily replaced. You can also buy spare parts and accessories online for the vehicles. Usually you can compare the body of the vehicle with other parts and you can tell the age. If the part in questions doesn’t appear to match the remainder to the car, someone probably replaced something with reproduction parts.

You also have to keep an eye on the copyright year. This does not mean the year it was made. Hot Wheels places the year on the bottom which is the year the copyright was applied for. The year of the copyright is different than the year made. The easiest way to know the right year is to compare the model name with a price guide which will list the year made. Keep in mind, there are a few hot wheels that don’t contain a model name on the bottom. You will have to search for these also in the price guides.

This guide is a simple summary of Hot Wheels cars. Keep in mind I am no expert but I have been selling these cars. If you want more expert information please do your research on Hot Wheels sites and books.

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