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Buying Guide for LED Car Lights

_35.JPG” /> Lighting can be a very important part of a car’s operation. Every car should at the very least have properly functioning headlights so that the car and driver can be seen at night and in other dark conditions, such as in tunnels. Having interior lights that can be turned on as necessary is also an important feature. However, just as light bulbs in the home can burn out, so can lightbulbs in a car. Luckily, it is a fairly easy task to replace headlights , tail lights, and interior lights in most cars. One option for replacing these lights is LED lightbulbs . These lights look and function differently than most standard car lights, but can be a cost effective and stylish choice for many car owners. Starting your search for LED car lights on eBay Motors is an efficient way to find the best possible LED car lights for your car.

Why Choose LED Lights

The term LED is actually an acronym that stands for Light Emitting Diode. At one time, it was cost prohibitive to put LED lights into cars. Today, some cars come with LED lights standard when they are purchased. Lexus was one of the first companies to use LED headlights on its vehicles, but today that standard has extended far beyond that company. Even if your car did not come with LED lights originally, replacing its lights with LED bulbs may still be possible. LED lights emit a slightly different hue than standard lights, which are usually made from Halogen or Xenon. LED lights also have a much longer life and can last up to 10,000 hours without being replaced, which is certainly an advantage. Finally, LED lights take less energy to light up than standard car lights, making them a more efficient choice.

Choose a Type of LED Car Light

When you begin your search for LED lights on eBay Motors, deciding on the type of lights you want is good place to begin. Lights are necessary in a number of different locations on a car and LED lights are available for each of these parts. Knowing what part you want to light will make it that much easier to search for replacement lights on eBay.

LED Headlights

One of the most common ways to use LED lights is in car headlights.. Because LED lights can be quite bright and long lasting, they are a safe choice for headlights. If your car was originally manufactured with LED headlights and those need to be replaced, swapping out the bulbs will be easy and you can simply search for replacement bulbs. On the other hand, if a car came with standard lights, the lighting assembly of the car will need to be replaced in its entirety. This will require a bit more work, but is certainly possible. If the lighting assembly needs to be replaced, it will be necessary to search for an LED headlight assembly when shopping.

LED Halo Headlights

One very popular style of LED headlights is known as halo headlights, projector headlights, or angel eyes.. This type of headlight has a very distinctive visual style and was originally introduced by BMW. To search for these lights, which feature a round halo in addition to a standard light (often Xenon), look for angel eye lights using the search box on any page of eBay. Be sure that the kit being sold to convert to the angel eye look is compatible with your particular car. The eBay listing should indicate with which makes and models the part is compatible. If it is not evident, you may want to contact the seller directly with the question.

LED Tail Lights

Because LED lights are available in red as well as white, it is also possible to replace tail lights with LED lights. Using the brighter LED option for a tail light can be a good idea because it gives a car extra visibility and can help other drivers on the road see the car and avoid accidents more easily. To find LED tail lights on eBay, search for LED tail lights or LED brake lights..

LED Interior Lights

LED lights have uses beyond the basic exterior lights of a car and can also be used as interior lights or as decorative underbody lights. Underbody car lights, while not standard issue, can be a fun and creative way to add pizzazz to a car. At one time, they were exclusively made from fluorescent, which did not last as long and took time to warm up before it reached the peak of its brightness. LED underbody lights come in a wide variety of colors. You can use the search feature to find the color you want, or browse through different colors using the search filter.

Search and Browse Results

Once you have determined the type of LED lights that you want to purchase, it is easy to begin a search for them on eBay Motors.. Using the search box on any page of the site, simply enter some basic search terms. As with most online searches, the more general the terms used, the more results will be returned. For those that have a very specific idea of what type of LED car lights will be right for them, whether it is the brand of lights, the style, or the color, it may just be a matter of comparing sellers and prices. However, if you have a general idea but no specific parameters, searching very broadly and then browsing results may be the most useful strategy.

Sort by Preference

Not only is it possible to include used items in results, but eBay also allows you to filter results using certain parameters. This can be very useful when searching for a certain color or brand. For automotive parts in particular, it can sometimes be preferable to find an item that is located in a nearby geographic location. Parts that come from a seller near to you may not incur the same shipping charges as other parts, which can mean saving money on LED lights or other car parts.. In fact, some sellers may even be willing to arrange for a drop off so as not to incur any shipping charges at all, which can be helpful.

Utilize a Budget

In addition to knowing what type of LED lights you are searching for, it is always a good idea to have a budget in mind when shopping on eBay.. It is easy to put this budget into practice because any search results can be filtered by price. For a budget range that is on the lower side, be sure used items are being included in the search results. This way, you can often find reliable LED lights at a good value, particularly when you consider how long this type of lights can last.

The eBay Buying Process

Among the many listings for LED car lights on eBay, from sellers around the country and even the world, it is likely that you will find the perfect LED lights for your car or other vehicle. Every item listing should have a complete description of the item and its conditions. Most listings also include photos for your convenience and evaluation. Once you find the right LED lights, it is only a matter of completing the eBay transaction.

Choose the Right Seller

One of the important aspects of making a purchase on eBay it evaluating the many eBay sellers that are available. This is a fairly easy proposition on eBay because you can browse through any seller’s history before making your purchase. A seller’s history will include records of his or her previous transactions on the site and reviews from fellow buyers. If you have any questions about either the product for sale or the seller’s history, it is easy to contact that person directly using the eBay interface. When the seller responds with satisfactory answers, you can complete your purchase with confidence.


Replacing the standard lights in any car with LED lights can be a matter of safety, efficiency, or even aesthetics. Modern technology means that these brighter and longer lasting lights are truly within reach for most car owners. Having bright lights can make you more visible at night, which is ultimately the best way to be safer on dark roads. With the deals that are available on eBay, it is even easier to find the perfect set of LED bulbs or the best LED assembly for any car.

In order to find the right LED car lights for your needs, you can conduct fast and easy searches from any page of eBay. Use general search terms to browse many results or specific terms to find the perfect lights on your first search. On eBay, it is easy to compare listings from many different sellers to find the right product at the right price from the right seller, without ever leaving eBay. While installing LED car lights may not be the first priority for all car owners, it can be a rewarding project, made even simpler by shopping on eBay.

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