Nov 14 2016

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OEM Parts

Buy OEM Parts Online

OEM parts are the exact opposite of aftermarket accessories. These original parts are reported to be made from the same manufacturer that produced your car or truck. Most car companies outsource the manufacturing of their car parts to outside companies. There are many dealerships that offer OEM parts; however, their prices tend to be pretty high, so most individuals look for a more affordable source of parts. This is where our company steps in. We have thousands of customers who have been satisfied with our professional customer service, as well as our affordable selection of stock.

So how do these OEM parts come to be in our hands? After a certain time frame, the actual manufacturers of the parts are allowed to sell their stock wholesale to other distributors for resale. However, this time, you will see these original parts in a box with the name of the real manufacturer on it, rather than that of the dealership. It is not an inferior part. It is simply packaged differently, and the primary difference is that you can usually purchase these OEM parts for up to 70% less than what a dealership would charge you.

Regardless of the OEM parts that you purchase, each part should adequately serve the purpose and function it was designed for. For this reason, each of the OEM parts that we sell have passed a line of safety tests to become DOT certified and approved. To make the process easier for you, we can ship your order almost anywhere in the country. If you have questions, we also have a team of professional representatives standing by to speak with you via phone or email. Our easy to navigate website cannot make the selection process any simpler for our customers. We look forward to doing business with you!

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