Oct 1 2017

5 Ways to Deposit Checks #can #i #deposit #checks #at #any #atm


How to Deposit Checks

It used to be that depositing a check required you to make a special trip to the bank, wait in line, and wait longer for the check to clear. Many new and creative methods are available for depositing any check into your checking or savings account quickly and safely. In some banking networks, it’s even possible to deposit a check with a mobile smartphone!

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Depositing at the Bank Edit

Visit your bank. You’ll need to bring the check, a valid ID, and your account number with you to make the deposit.

Fill out a deposit slip. These should be readily available at your bank, usually in a stack on a table with pens and other slips. You can also request one from the teller, but the process will move more quickly if you do this ahead of time.

  • You’ll need to fill in your account number, the amount of the check, how much (if any) you want in cash, savings, and checking, and the total amount of the check.

Endorse the check. First, go through the elements written on the front and back of the check to ensure the check’s validity. Check that the following items are written and completed in a legible manner, and are true and correct: name and address of the person or entity issuing the check, date of issue, your name, amount of money being given written in both numeric and alphabetic form.

  • Both signatures are required for the check to be considered valid.

Ask the teller to deposit the check into your checking or savings account. The teller can deposit your check, tell you your current balance, and give you any cash you’d like taken out at this time. You should receive a receipt or proof of deposit with your current balance.

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