Jul 7 2020

Mini diecast models #Mini #diecast #models

Mini diecast models

Mini diecast models

(1/43 scale unless indicated differently)

(MIB = Mint In Box)

Dinky Toys by DeAgostini #197 Morris mini traveller (Beige).

Diecast 1:43 scale (c) 2016 Mattel

please check availability on Atlas Dinky Toys page

Dinky Toys by Atlas Editions #197 Morris mini traveller (Green).

Diecast 1:43 scale

please check availability on Atlas Dinky Toys page

HotWheels DHR86-D5B5 Morris Mini (Red) HW Art cars 2016 (193/250) Collection

Diecast 1:64 scale

HotWheels CFL73-05B5 Morris Mini (Blue) #398 HW Off-road 2015 (80/250) Collection

Diecast 1:64 scale

G ö de M i ni Cooper S 1963, produced by Vitesse commisioned by G ö de.

Comes with certificate

Diecast 1/43 scale.

MIB Clear plastic box + carton

GE Fabbri ltd. Austin Mini #11

James Bond – On her Majesty’s secret service

Issued in the 007 series.

Diecast 1/43 scale

MIB clear plastic box; still in protective blister pack.

please check availability on James Bond page

Sunstar 5302 : 1960 Austin Se7en De Luxe – Tartan Red

Diecast 1/12 scale !

The key external features of this model are the chromed inserts in the surrounds of the windscreen and rear window, and chromed trim to the rear side windows, sills and wheel arches. It also has the original 1960 “snoop-nosed” air filter, the later chassis with smaller floor pans and drain holes, and the original Austin De Luxe interior, seats and wheel trims

Corgi 97709 “The Alpine Rally set”. This set contains 3 diecast models which competed in the 25th Alpine rally of 1964;

  • Austin Healey 3000 #95,

  • Ford Cortina #29

  • Austin Mini Cooper #8.

This is a limited edition set; 5000 produced in 1993. This set is quite rare and difficult to find.

M int carton box.

DelPrado Mini Cooper S 1967 #177 Rally Monte Carlo (Red/ white roof)

Diecast 1/43 scale.

MIB Blister pack

Mini (4cm in lenght) made of polystone with memo clipholder

Corgi Trackside DG215000 Mini van Castrol

Diecast 1/76 scale.

MIB blister box

MicroMachines 65130 #21 British Sports cars set. 1/92 scale (c) 1998. The set includes : Aston Martin DB5, Mini Cooper, Triumph TR3, Sunbeam Tiger, Jaguar XJ220. Plus 5 extra cars ; Chevrolet Corvette C4, Lotus Esprit, Mazda RX7, Callaway speedster Corvette, Ford 1932 chopped

MIB blister pack

Solido Prestige 8022 Mini Cooper S 1964. Red with white roof. Scale 1/16 (length is 19cm). Opening doors.

MIB ; white plastic roof shows a little yellowing

Matchbox collectibles VEM02-M Austin Seven 1959 (red)

MIB ; missing certificate

Matchbox collectibles VEM02-M Austin Seven 1959 (red)

Vitesse L085 – Mini 1000 Castrol Minicross Champion 1982 Limited edition 4684/5000

MIB Clear plastic box + carton

Corgi Classics 96951 Morris Mini Van Police

MIB blister box.

Plastic Austin mini Police in a large scale (7 1/2 inch in length). The body is made out of plastic while the baseplate and the bumper/grille are tinplate. The model is in unplayed condition and comes complete with blister box. he model has a strong frictiondrive on the rear wheels; base plate looks like new. The car is complete and has the antenna there as well. There is no name of a manufacturer indicated on the model but it is made in Portugal.

MIB blister box

Lledo PLC Magnificent Austin se7ens – 3 car set Red #36, green #2 and white #117


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