Jun 26 2020

Metal car model kits for adults #Metal #car #model #kits #for #adults

Metal car model kits for adults

Get your hands on highly-detailed large scale model Full Kits.

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Only until Tuesday, 27th November 2018.

Build an authentic and highly detailed replica of the classic Vespa GS 150 in impressive 1:3 scale.

Designed by an aeronautical engineer, Piaggio’s Vespa is a design icon, and the stylish 150 GS was a milestone in the history of the scooter.

Get your Full Kit today!

Vespa GS 150 | 1:3 Modell | Full Kit

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3D technology is now available for you at home! Build your own 3D printer with the idbox! and turn an idea in your head or on paper into an object you can hold in your hand!

The idbox! is a lightweight, compact and stylish machine that is easy to work with, and has a fast modelling speed. Look forward to making your first dynamic three-dimensional works. With the full kit you will receive all build phases in one go with easy-to-follow build instructions in colour magazines.

Dimensions: 250 × 250 × 275 mm | Weight 5kg.

*Delivered with UK plug.

This magazine series celebrates the amazing technology of STAR WARS SAGA . Follow in the footsteps of the master film prop designers and assemble a MOVIE-ACCURATE , HALF-SIZE REPLICA of the most famous astromech in the galaxy.

Your R2-D2 is also an ADVANCED , AUTONOMAOUS DROID , with interactive intelligence, and multiple modes and functions.

Batteries not included

Order the Full Kit now!

Build R2-D2 | 1:2 Scale | Full Kit

The full Kit is now AVAILABLE !

This official model of the iconic Millennium Falcon is a 1:1 replica of the original Empire Strikes Back movie prop, and also features unique internal details, lighting and movable parts.

Your magazine will include easy-to-follow detailed Assembly Guide plus a fascinating look inside the Star Wars archive with The Starship Fact File, The Guide to the Galaxy and The Secrets of Spaceflight.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon | 1:1 Model | Full Kit

Regular Price: £899.00

Special Price £809.10

Build a fabulous model of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb in 1:12 scale, the most famous fighter plane of World War II. This detailed reproduction is constructed from high-quality aluminium and wooden parts. The Spitfire will delight every model aircraft enthusiast, from the beginner to the expert alike.

Order the Full Kit now.

Spitfire | 1:12 Model | Full Kit

Regular Price: £799.00

Special Price £559.30

Build your own Thunderbird 2, the official movie prop replica of the British 1960s cult series in 1:144 scale.

The Thunderbird 2 was tasked with carrying International Rescue’s vehicles and equipment and therefore is a tough, hard-wearing machine. With every pack you will receive high-quality materials to assemble your Thunderbird 2 as well as a number of the most popular rescue vehicles.

Now available as Full Kit!

Thunderbird 2 | 1:144 Scale | Full Kit

Regular Price: £849.00

Special Price £764.10

Robi is a fusion of sophisticated design and advanced technology using parts created by top Japanese manufacturers. His components include precision servos, microcontrollers, and a state-of-the-art speech-recognition board.

NEW: Full kit available NOW!

Robi Full-Kit | Robot

Regular Price: £999.00

Special Price £699.30

Build this magnificent 1:4 scale replica of the original 1990 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and bring the legend to life – the realism is amazing. The Fat Boy is a major piece of Harley-Davidson history, retaining the company’s traditional values while making use of the latest technology.

Build and drive the radio-controlled T-72 Tank in 1:16 scale, a Soviet second-generation main battle tank which was created more than three decades ago and is still in service with many of the world’s armies.

Build T-72 Russian Tank | 1:16 Model | Full Kit

Regular Price: £699.00

Special Price £559.20

Build and drive this incredible, highly detailed 1:10 scale replica of the Lamborghini Huracán supercar, bringing new standards of design, technology and performance to the world of RC cars.

Technical innovations breathe life into this exclusive model, and its detailed realism is achieved through production techniques that set new standards in the world of radio-controlled models.

Lamborghini Huracán | 1:10 Model | Full Kit

Regular Price: £699.00

Special Price £489.30

Build the Bismarck, an extraordinary ship model in 1: 200 scale.

The completed ship is over one meter long and all components have been carefully designed by Amati, experts in scale modelling and a name that guarantees high quality.

This product is currently out of stock!

Bismarck | 1:200 Model | Full Kit

Get ready for a premier modelling experience with the Battleship Yamato, the iconic flagship of Japan’s World War II fleet in 1:250 scale. This model is not available anywhere else and is a stunning addition to any ship modeller’s collection.

Battleship Yamato | 1:250 Model | Full Kit

Regular Price: £599.00

Special Price £479.20

Experience the world’s most powerful off-road civilian vehicle. Build and drive a 1:8 scale replica of the remarkable Hummer H1 SUV in a superbly detailed model designed by Kyosho.

Order the Full Kit now.

Hummer H1 | 1:8 Model | Full Kit

Regular Price: £549.00

Special Price £439.20

The iconic flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Akagi, was part of the Japanese fleet that brought the USA into World War II. Get to know one of the 20th Century’s most iconic battleships in breathtaking detail. This incredibly detailed, 1:250 scale model of the Akagi measures over a metre long.

IJN Akagi | 1:250 Model | Full Kit

Regular Price: £649.00

Special Price £519.20

Build the world’s fastest production motorbike the Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa in 1:4 scale. This superbly finished scale model is a perfect miniature replica of the ultimate sports bike.

The Hayabusa’s combination of power and super-efficient aerodynamics enabled it to hit a top speed beyond 300km/h, making it the fastest production motorcycle of the millennium.

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R | 1:4 Model | Full Kit

Regular Price: £699.00

Special Price £489.30

Build the stunning 1:76 scale reproduction of one of the most famous ships of the US Navy. Launched in 1797 in Boston, the USS Constitution is the oldest ship in the world still able to take to the sea. In more than two centuries of history, she has overcome piracy and the British Navy, and then served as a training ship and a museum.

The quality of materials, along with the clear, detailed instructions, make it straightforward to assemble this model, even for beginners.

Now available as a Full Kit!

USS Constitution | 1:76 Model | Full Kit

Large Scale Model Kit

Discover our ever-growing range of large scale model full kits by De Agostini ModelSpace! Whether you have a passion for ships, planes, cars or trains, we offer something for every model enthusiast. Build at your own pace by ordering a complete model kit with all build phases and instructions in one delivery. The scale and detail are breath-taking.

Enjoy building one of our legendary model ships, designed with the finest detail and high quality material. Choose from a large range of different styles – warships, sailing boats or wooden ships. Learn more about their famous history, the grand battles they fought in and the journey’s they’ve been on.

Seeking the thrill, our fast and dynamic cars offer an adventure for every model fan. Free your spirits with our RC models including Formula 1 legends like Red Bull Racing RB7 or embrace off-road challenges with the Hummer H1.
Looking for 2-wheeled speed? Check out our range of motorbikes: Suzuki, Honda, Harley and more!

Take a different perspective with our model planes. Classic passenger planes or military aircrafts – covering different eras, styles and designs, you have lots to explore and find what suits your preference and skills.

Or why not try our new innovation models. Stay on the edge with the latest technology and build your own idbox! 3D printer or cutting-edge Robi robot.

Our models are fantastic for building either as a family or tackling individually. Even as a model-making novice with the clear step-by-step instructions and our forum support, you will learn great new skills as you go.

De Agostini ModelSpace offers free delivery within the UK within the UK on all full kits. We now ship worldwide, so simply choose your country at the check-out and benefit from our international shipping option.

Get started now and enjoy the best from our categories all in one go!


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