Jun 25 2020

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Mvd online registration

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Review our online services first, then see Dash Pass to make an appointment if you have to visit a DMV office.
Change the physical and mailing address on your license or ID and your vehicles. You’ll receive a new license or ID in the mail.

The DMV is proud to offer MyDMV personalized online services. Take a moment to create your account and get access to your license and vehicle records all in one place.

You must have a MyDMV account for services marked with the MyDMV logo. Most other services listed here are also available in your account.

The Certificate of Registration and decal are mailed to the address on record. You may renew up to 18 months after expiration. Late fees will be added automatically.

You may claim your tax exemption online. Contact your County Assessor to apply for an exemption for the first time.

Print a duplicate of your vehicle Certificate of Registration online or have a duplicate certificate and decal mailed to you. The fee is $6 and you will need your Vehicle Identification Number.

Print a ten-day temporary movement to drive your vehicle for a smog check, after repairs or after it has been in storage.

Build your personalized plate online. You can order most styles online or by mail or fax.

Have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ready and find out how much your vehicle registration will cost.

For vehicles purchased from a Nevada dealer. You can transfer existing plates or receive new plates in the mail. See also Online Vehicle Registration.

Cancel your registration if you have sold the vehicle, are putting it in storage or intend to drop the liability insurance coverage. You will receive a registration credit.

You must surrender the plates to the DMV or use them on another vehicle. See Plate Surrender.

Notify the DMV within five days to help protect yourself in the event the vehicle is later abandoned. You should also transfer or surrender your license plates. See Selling a Vehicle.

Update your vehicle insurance policy information with the DMV after you change policies or companies.

Shows whether your insurance coverage has been confirmed by the DMV, your policy expiration date, your vehicle registration expiration date and whether your plates are currently active, expired, suspended or surrendered.

DMV sends a mailer if we have identified your vehicle as possibly uninsured. Use the access code to reply online.

If your registration is suspended due to an insurance lapse, you may pay the reinstatement fee online and, if needed, renew the registration.

Registration fees and sales taxes paid for itemizing deductions on your income tax return. View and print a receipt.

Do your part for air quality. Report smoking vehicles by plate number, time and location.

The date of issuance from your license is required to set up a MyDMV account.

You must order your duplicate at a DMV office
if you cannot use MyDMV.

Order a duplicate driver license, instruction permit or ID card online and receive it in the mail. Sorry, no address changes, name changes, commercial licenses or duplicates of any card due to expire within 60 days.

See Duplicate License or ID and the federal Real ID Act for more options.

A 3-year or 10-year history for employment or insurance purposes. See Driver History Reports for other options and how to read a printout. You must have Adobe Reader or other PDF software installed on your computer. Download Reader free.

Schedule a driving skills test for a non-commercial Class C (auto) or Class M (motorcycle) license if you already have an instruction permit. See Commercial Licensing to schedule a test for all other classes and endorsements.

You must have a full-page renewal notice to renew online. Most renewals must be completed in person. See all renewal options for Licenses or ID Cards.

All applicants for a Nevada driver’s license or ID card must choose between a “Real ID” card or a standard Nevada license or ID. This includes renewals, duplicates and address changes. License and ID cards issued from online transactions will be marked “NOT FOR FEDERAL OFFICIAL USE” unless you have already obtained a Real ID compliant card.

You must present proof of identity at a DMV office to obtain a Real ID license or ID for the first time. See The Real ID Act in Nevada for more information.

Verify whether your body shop, garage, auto dealer or driving school has a valid DMV business license before you buy!

The Emissions Stations search also features a customized, print-friendly list of 2G Emissions Repair Stations in your area if your vehicle has failed a smog check.

For salvage pools to verify whether a private party is eligible to purchase salvage vehicles.

DMV licensees can view their business information on file with the department and print a renewal notice.
Portal & License Renewal Tutorial (PDF)

DMV licensees such as auto dealers, emissions stations and garages can complete all of their annual renewals online using an access code printed on the notice.

Results include those shops that complete the survey through the license renewal deadline of April 30 each year.

Body shops are required to complete this survey prior to their annual license renewal. Shops that miss the April 30 deadline for business license renewal must still complete the survey online, but may not use the online license renewal.

Motor Carrier

See Motor Carrier. You must have an account to take advantage of registration and fuel tax reporting services.

Anyone may report potential fuel tax evasion. Diesel fuel dyed red is intended for off-road use only. The DMV and/or the Nevada Highway Patrol will investigate all reports of the illegal sale or use of dyed diesel or any other form of fuel tax evasion.

Nevada’s Business Portal

This service from the Nevada Secretary of State enables businesses to set up a profile with the basic information that nearly every governmental agency in Nevada requires.

Address Change & MyDMV
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Personalized Plate Search & Ordering
Registration Fee Estimate
Vehicle Taxes History
Smog Spotter Smoking Vehicle Report
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Driver History Printout
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Business License Verification
Body Shop Salvage Pool
Dealer Emission Stations
Off-Highway Dealer Emission Referee
Garage Registration DUI School
Manufacturer Professional School
Rebuilder Traffic Safety School
Motor Vehicle Industry Portal
Business License Renewal
Body Shop Labor Rate Survey Results
Body Shop Labor Rate Survey

Renew early!

Don’t wait until the last minute.

DMV Online Services are unavailable from midnight to 3 a.m. Tuesday and midnight to 2 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

Availability varies on weekends and holidays.

Services may be unavailable at other times.

Online Services Normal Hours of Availability

Monday – available 24 hours

Tuesday – available 3 am to Midnight

Wednesday – Friday – available 2 am to Midnight

Saturday – available 2am to 8pm

Sunday and Holidays – available Midnight to 9pm

Hours of Availability Top ↑
12m 12n 12m

Payment Methods Top ↑

There is no extra charge for DMV online services. DMV accepts credit or debit cards with VISA, MasterCard, or Discover indicated and E-Check.

We encourage you to use e-check. This saves your taxpayer dollars through reduced fees. And, no matter how you pay, your transaction is handled through industry-standard secure connections to ensure your privacy.

You must have cookies and Javascript enabled for transactions that require payment. Web browsers must be compatible with TLS 1.1 and 1.2 security. Older browsers on Windows XP may return error messages.

Be sure you see a confirmation screen similar to this one at the end of transactions that require payment. Print this or make note of the Transaction Confirmation Number.

You will also have the choice of whether to receive an email confirmation.

Renewals with Address Change Top ↑

You can change your address and renew through MyDMV or by mail or fax. If you do not have a renewal notice, please email your license plate or driver license number and current address or call 486-4368 in Las Vegas, 684-4368 in Reno or 1-877-368-7828 in rural Nevada. You may also renew in person at a DMV office. See Address Changes.

If your registration is expired and your vehicle requires an emission inspection, you must obtain a movement permit to drive the vehicle legally.

You may obtain a ten-day movement permit online through a MyDMV account. The registration must be in your name, expired less than 18 months and have no suspension, cancellation or other unusual problem. The fee is $2.

Military members out of state should include a copy of their most recent LES.

Address changes on Commercial Driver Licenses must be completed in person at a CDL office.

Frequently Asked Questions Top ↑

This information is sent to DMV electronically. The renewal will not be accepted if an emission test is required and a valid result has not been received, or if your registration is suspended for a lapse in insurance coverage. See Emissions or Insurance for more information.

Sign on to MyDMV. If your vehicle is listed in your account, you can obtain a ten-day movement permit online to drive the vehicle for testing or a smog check.

If you have not otherwise operated the vehicle on public streets, you can complete an Affidavit of Non-Operation during the online renewal to avoid late fees. See also Registration Renewal Options and Movement Permits.

Exemptions are issued by County Assessors. The DMV has a system to verify the amount of certain exemptions so that you may use them in online renewals. The following exemptions may be used online:

  • Veterans (including donations to the Veterans Home Account)
  • Surviving Spouses
  • Blind

You may also mail your exemption and renewal or renew in person. See Registration Renewal options. See Registration Fees for details on tax exemptions.

The most common cause of this is an incorrect address. Sign on to MyDMV to see your status, change your address and renew your registration. You can use the online Registration and Insurance Status Inquiry to check your registration only.

You may also email your license plate or driver license number and current address, call for instructions or renew in person at a DMV office. If we do not have your correct address, we will ask you to mail or fax a Change of Address Application with your renewal.

If you renew a registration online prior to changing your address, your documents will be sent to the address we have on record. The DMV will charge a small fee for substitute decals.

If you have received a postcard asking you to renew your driver’s license in person, you must renew at a DMV office. You may wish to upgrade to a Real ID when you renew.

It is your responsibility to renew on time regardless of whether you have received a notice.

Please keep your address current with us as you travel. Sign up for MyDMV or mail or fax a Change of Address Application.

Driver License: Most drivers must renew in person at a DMV office. You can renew your driver license online only if you have received a full-page renewal notice with an access code.

Registration: You can renew online if your vehicle does not require a smog check. The registration slip and decal will be sent to the address we have on file. If we do not have your correct address, you may not receive the documents.

If your vehicle requires a smog check and you cannot have it done in Nevada, you cannot renew online. Please renew by mail or fax. See Renewal Options.

Your renewal was late and the system automatically added in the appropriate late fees. Nevada registrations expire on the exact date listed on the registration slip and renewal notice, not at the end of the month. There are no extra charges for renewing online.

An incorrect address is the most common cause of this and DMV will assess a small fee to issue new documents. You may change your address through MyDMV or by mail or fax. See Address Changes.

Your registration or license record was updated upon completion of the online renewal and will show current to police.

Please wait 7-10 days for your renewal to arrive. If it has not arrived within 10 days, please email your current address and plate or driver license number, visit a DMV office or call 486-4368 option 1 in Las Vegas, 684-4368 option 1 in Reno or 1-877-368-7828 option 1 in rural Nevada.

If the DMV has your correct address, you may apply for a duplicate online or by mail. See Duplicate Registration. If you are not sure whether your renewal was completed, you can check the registration status online.

We offer a number of choices:

  • Pay directly from your checking account by electronic check.
  • Use the mail and send a check or money order for the exact amount.
  • Pay with cash at DMV offices. Use a kiosk if possible.
  • Pay cash for a vehicle registration renewal at emission inspection stations which offer this service. See Emissions.

Please contact us. Emails are usually answered within two business days. Be sure to include your license plate or driver license number and other information needed to research your request.


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