Apr 24 2020

Mayon skyline

Mayon skyline-Mayon skyline
Live eruption of Stromboli Volcano

Stromboli live cam
Live eruption of Stromboli Volcano

    1 minute ago PMM
P400? Could you explain. Thank you.

    27 minutes ago Ania
Khalil, can you share something more about that boat trip? Was it someone from the local guys in stromboli, how long did it take etc?

    3 hours ago Valerie Debrock-Speller
@Khalil Sounds like a really exciting experience, can you tell me what p400 is, I am presuming it is a level that you can go to, We will be going next month too, so am gathering all the info I can.

    4 hours ago Khalil
Yes Mary, I wanna do the boat trip at the dusk. Today I need to rest to be 100% cause I wanna spent a couple of hours in P400.

    4 hours ago PMM
@Khalil. Well you are lucky to see Stromboli so close up! What an experience.

    6 hours ago HALIL
I’m sorry, Khalil appeared as Halil in translation. Please ignore the sentence below.

    6 hours ago HALIL
Good morning, Mary Regan,
Khalil and Halil are not the same people, so I’m not the boat charterer for Stromboli. 🙂

    12 hours ago Mary Regan
Hi Khalil, glad you enjoyed the boat trip, sounds wonderful! Will you go again while you are there?

    14 hours ago Khalil
Hi guys. I took a boat (20 euros) to Sciara del Fuoco. There’s a new lava flow, rocks are reaching the sea. The Volcano was amazing, I could hear the ROAR a few times. Amazing experience.

    15 hours ago Shelley
Some huge explosions tonight but I’m perfectly happy to watch from 1500 miles away.;-))

    15 hours ago Muffin
Lovely displays tonight

    17 hours ago Walt C.
Seems like a lot of gases working it’s way up through the system.

    18 hours ago Julia McDougall
My worry about going to the summit ‘at your own risk’ is that others lives could be put at risk to rescue you if anything goes wrong.

    19 hours ago Peter Torp
Interesting seeing a bird in front of the camera

    19 hours ago Mike H
Lava Addict. Each to their own (And in no way am I looking for an online argument here). Given Italians tend to stick two fingers up to authorities anyway (Love that).If somebody is brave (daft) enough to want to go to the summit crater given the current activity.At their own risk I would suggest you’ll easily find a local guide willing to oblige.

    22 hours ago Valerie Debrock-Speller
Are any of you going to or been to Stromboli, geocachers? I have seen there are a few caches there.


Mayon skyline


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