Apr 21 2020

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It’s Simple To Apply For The Jobs You Want

Our simple application process works like this:

  1. Fill out your application: Once you fill out the online application, your specific skills and experience will be matched with jobs that fit your qualifications. (This way you don’t waste your time sifting through irrelevant results.).
  2. Submit Your application: You can apply to one or multiple jobs and carriers in just a few clicks. Our online system makes getting your application to as many opportunities as quickly as possible .
  3. Check back for updates:Our job and carrier database is constantly updated and jobs you didn’t see today may be here tomorrow. Our one time application system makes applying to newer opportunities easy as you do not have to create a new application. Simply login and all of your previously created information stays in our database so you simply use the application you already created to apply for any new opportunities you see on our unique driver dashboard.

Things To Consider About Trucking Careers

Your success as a professional driver is up to you. Much of your time on the road is going to be comprised of decisions that you alone will have to determine. A knowledge of vehicle maintenance and mechanics can also be helpful, especially for OTR drivers covering great distances. Not to mention, the more skills and certifications you have, the more appealing you can be to potential employers.

What to look for in a driving job can include: types of routes you will be required to run, whether or not you can receive free additional training for extra endorsements, and many other considerations that could affect your job satisfaction. You should know that in most cases, larger companies tend to run a variety of dedicated routes, typically offer more driver benefits, and the work can be more steady than smaller carriers.

However, smaller companies may have a work flow that varies but often offer higher pay or better benefits in hopes of attracting new drivers. Their routes may vary greatly; meaning no two runs may be the same. This is often attractive to drivers who prefer a changing schedule – and scenery while driving.

Questions you should always ask a potential employer include the following:

  • Pay: This seems obvious, but there are many factors when weighing potential compensation. Make sure to find out how are drivers paid and how often. Drivers can be paid salary, hourly, or by mileage driven. Make sure you have a solid understanding of the details that can make a huge difference financially.
  • Routes: Ask what type of routes you would be expected to run and how dedicated those routes are. Find out how often you’ll be home vs. out on the road. A single driver may not worry much about this aspect but a married driver with children may have to weigh this question carefully.
  • Benefits: Many companies offer benefits, while some do not. Benefit packages offered by trucking companies could include health, dental, 401k and even stock option plans.Since having good benefits can save you a lot of money, weigh this issue as carefully as compensation.

Types of Driving Positions

Once you have found the types of jobs you may be interested in, note that there are many differences in the types of jobs you could take. You could be a local driver, which would often have you driving short routes but often with several stops. A good example of this would be driving for a local beverage distributor or a grocery chain run.

A regional driver may cover areas up to a few hundred miles or within state boundaries while OTR drivers often make the long haul runs that cover several hundred miles and sometimes take days to complete. Knowing these types of driving runs help you know what you may be getting into before agreeing to any job.

You may also find that you may be interested in obtaining special endorsements to your CDL such as hazmat or tanker. This will not only allow you to do different types of work, your value to your own and possibly other organizations will often rise dramatically.

Start Your Search for the Right Trucking Job

Take a few moments and search our career listings in your area. Since jobs can be competitive, you may want to apply for multiple listings to increase your chances of being hired.”Simply click on your state to view opportunities with carriers in your area!


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