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Chace crawford ed westwick

Chace crawford ed westwick-Chace crawford ed westwick
"He’s a naughty boy!" The Talk host Sharon Osbourne quipped in response

Chace Crawford reveals Ed Westwick got flirty with his grandmother at actor’s 30th birthday bash

“He’s a naughty boy!” The Talk host Sharon Osbourne quipped in response

  • 23:44, 15 JUL 2016
Chace Crawford has revealed his old Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick flirted with his grandmother at his 30th birthday bash. The handsome actor was thrown an epic party for the milestone birthday and Ed certainly made his mark – with Chace’s grandmother. Appearing on US chat show The Talk to promote his latest movie Undrafted, the hosts asked: “Last year for your birthday your friends decided to throw you a birthday roast and one of the speeches was given by your former Gossip Girl co-star and very good friend Ed Westwick. Did he go easy on you?”

“He ended up sort of retrospectively roasting himself and embarrassing himself a little bit but, yeah, he went easy on me.” Chace, who celebrates his 31st on Monday, continued: “But Ed’s redeeming quality was that my grandmother loves to dance and he grabbed my grandmother and danced with her for 10 minutes to a live band. “So no matter what he did for the rest of the night he was clear.”

Host Sharon Osbourne then quipped: “He’s a naughty boy!” The actor was also asked about what it’s like to be uncle to his two adorable nephews Rivers and Hawkins Romo. Chace, who regularly shares snaps of them, gushed: “Well my dad just brought Hawkins from Dallas up here [California] and we went to the pier in Santa Monica and it was great.” The handsome star also said he always treat Hawkins to his favourite candy and favourite cereal. “He’s rifling through my drawers and he asks for gummy vitamins. And I’m like ‘buddy I don’t have any gummy vitamins’ and he’s like ‘did you not know I was coming?’ “So now I’ve stocked up on gummy vitamins for next time so I’m the best uncle in the world.”


Chace crawford ed westwick


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