Apr 9 2020

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Cheap diecast model cars

1:24 Scale Diecast Model Collectibles

In the 1980s and 1990 1:24 scale was the defacto diecast collector scale pioneered in the U.S. by Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint.

1:24 scale diecast models are an intermediate sized replica that are one inch in length for every 24 inches in length of the real car. Typically a 1-24 scale diecast is smaller in size than a 1:18 scale diecast and larger than a 1:43 scale or 1:64 scale die cast model.

There are a number of ways that the scale for a diecast car can be written: 1:24 scale, 1 24 scale, 1/24 scale or simply as 24 scale.

Early 1:24 scale diecast models by both Franklin and Danbury were extremely well detailed and highly appointed replicas. They were also very expensive. This limited the number of collectors willing to start new collections or expand their collections beyond a select few diecast models.

Initially this strategy worked well for both Franklin and Danbury Mint. Over time however many other manufacturers entered the market offering lower cost diecast cars with many of the same features pioneered by “the Mints”. In addition Fairfield Collectibles introduced new 1:18 scale diecast models to the collector market. These larger sized diecast offered many operational features, easier to see details and at a much lower cost than the 1/24 scale Danbury and Franklin competition. This eventually caused the demise of both Franklin and Danbury Mint who no longer manufacture diecast model cars.

The size of a typical 1:24 scale replica is 7 ½” to 9” long. Most of these 1/24 scale diecast feature hood, doors and trunks that open to reveal detailed engines and well-appointed interiors. These replicas are all licensed by the original automobile manufacturers. When a replica is presented to Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge for licensing approval they ensure that the replica is a precise recreation of the real car and that all of the tiny details are authentic to the original.

Today you can collect 1-24 scale diecast models from Maisto, Bburago, Motormax, Lucky, Greenlight, Welly and many others. These range in price from under $20 to $75. This is amazing considering that the cost to create a new diecast mold for a single replica costs the factory over $100,000 before the first car is produced!

Fairfield Collectibles offers a wide range of 1:24 scale diecast models from all manufactures in a wide range of prices. We are thrilled to have served the diecast community for over 20 years as the collector’s source with the greatest selection, service and value in the die cast industry!

And we are serious when it comes to treating our customers right! We ship all in stock orders within 24 hours and many are shipped the same day you place your order! Plus if for any reason you, our valued customer, are not happy with a product you receive we will go the extra mile to either replace the item or refund your purchase price: no questions asked! Our goal is to ensure that your shopping and collecting experience is extraordinary so that you can shop with confidence!

As the leader in the diecast collectibles industry Fairfield’s outstanding service, selection and pricing means you’ll always receive the best value for your die-cast dollar!

We are proud to be your source for diecast collectibles!


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