Apr 8 2020

Fast car new version #Fast #car #new #version

Fast car new version

Fast car new version

Download the “City Car Driving” simulator

Game full name: City Car Driving. Home Edition
Game version: 1.5

The car driving game named City Car Driving” is a new car simulator, designed to help users feel the car driving in а big city or in a country in different conditions or just go for a joy ride. Special stress in the City Car Driving” simulator has been laid on a variety of different road situations and realistic car driving.

WARNING. The program requires constant Internet connection for license validation!
WARNING. Correct program operation on laptops and on computers with integrated video cards is not guaranteed!
Please check system requirements and compare them with your computer configuration before proceed!

Download the “City Car Driving” simulator game:
(installation file size is

Advanced users can use this special torrent-file for faster downloading.

Attention! Any older version must be uninstalled before installing this new one!

Download the “City Car Driving” updates/patches:
(patch file size is

Attention! The patch can be used only if you have v1.5.0 installed! If you have earlier version installed you should fully delete your game and reinstall it using the full v1.5.1 distributive!

● Added passenger transportation!
● Water splashes flies off from under the car wheels in rainy and wet weather.
● Reflections in the rearview mirrors react to the head position when using VR, also added easier mirror adjustment.
● Traffic cars that leaving parking lots became more noticeable to allow you get more interesting situations on the road.
● Optimized the game loading and fixed many minor bugs.

● Implemented a simulation of fuel consumption in the free driving mode.
● In the first group of exercises you can select one of the default cars.
● City test for EU and US profiles became easier.
● Taught the traffic AI to park and leave parking lots.
● Now when you drive on a dirt road, dust appears from under the wheels.
● Updated the pedestrian appearance.
● Updated the interface of the weather selection menu in the free driving mode.
● Continue to fix bugs and optimize the simulator.

● Corrected sound settings (changed the default general volume).
● Added new presets for input devices: Logitech F310 gamepad, Sven Drift wheel, Thrustmaster TMX PRO wheel, Thrustmaster joystick.
● Added Internet radio.
● Removed “blocking” messages (now messages “Driving outside the carriageway” and “Driving on the oncoming lane” will not be shown forever).
● Added drunk driving mode.
● Added sounds for rain and windshield wipers.
● Added new elements in the traffic rules violation tracking system: timeliness of the turn signal and high beam headlight.
● Added new sudden dangerous sutuations.
● Added new sound for engine “jamming”.
● Updated navigator.
● HUD & messages in VR mode.

● Added HTC Vive support.
● Reformed the controller’s input system.
● Improved the support of gamepads and josysticks.
● Expanded the control settings menu.
● Added new exercises in the section “Driving School Student”.
● Added support of German traffic rules.
● Added new languages: Danish, Finnish.
Attention! In connection with the changes, previously created records of driving sessions will not be played!

● Added one more season – Autumn.
● Added optional Christmas festive decoration for the virtuial city.
● Please note that due to the profile system structure changes, all the statistics of violations of the left-hand profile (for the Russian version) and of the standard profile (for the international version) will be lost.

● Updated the Oculus Rintime version.
● Added the Oculus Rift CV1 support.

General new features and improvements:

● Added new asphalt types: dark, ramshackle, black (US-like).
● Added ramshackle roads (with real potholes).
● Improved sudden pedestrians feature – now they run across the road, but don’t walk.
● Added new player car that is similar to UAZ Patriot.
● Improved grass – now it’s volumetric visually, and the car starts shaking upon driving on it.
● Added the festive setting: night illumination of building facades, themed billboards, flowers at the monuments, flags in the streets. The function can be turned on and off in the settings.
● Added US police car in traffic.
● Added festive aerography for some player cars.

General new features and improvements:

● Added an adaptation to US traffic rules. In addition to the traffic rules changed: road signs, markings, traffic lights, as well as virtual speedometer (shows speed in MPH). US traffic rules are available for selection during the profile creation.

● Added support of head-mounted display Oculus Rift!

● Added a traffic cop. If this function is activated traffic cops are being placed on some of road crossings with a probability specified in settings.

● Added a winter mode. Winter is designed not only cosmetically (falling snow, snow textures, etc.), but also physically – a road is more slippery in winter.

New location! Added the second district of a brand new virtual city:

  • 9 highly detailed courtyards;
    – 2 major transport interchanges;
    – 2 multi level car parks;
    – unique infrastructure.

New defensive (extreme) exercises on the special autodrome:

  • Emergency lane changing. In this exercise it’s necessary to drive through a corridor and change the lane abruptly in a specified direction;
    Elk test. In this exercise it’s necessary to drive through a corridor, change the lane abruptly and then return to the initial lane.

● Added a new function of record/playback. It makes possible to record a driving session – everything is being recorded in a file that can be played back in further. During the playback it’s possible to switch the camera view angles as in usual driving session. This feature is useful for better mistakes tracking during the driving.

● Added a new dangerous situation – sudden pedestrians! If this function is activated pedestrians can suddenly cross the road in random places.

● Added a new dangerous situation – broken traffic lights! If this function is activated random traffic lights are being broken during the driving session with a probability specified in settings.

● Improved optimization. Upgraded the multi-threaded rendering mode, that gives a significant increase in FPS on CPU with 4 or more cores.

● Improved an ability to select the range of distance for a randomly generated route.

● Improved the control of lane changing and crossing of a double solid road marking line. Now not only the marking line crossing itself is under control, but also just a touching a marking line.

New city location (was added in v1.4) is now also available in left-side driving mode too.
● Fixed some minor bugs.

General new features and improvements:

New location! Added the first district of a brand new virtual city:

  • more than 20 of highly detailed courtyards;
    – 3 major transport interchanges;
    – 3 large car parks;
    – 8 new landscape textures.

New autodrome! It’s used for new special defensive (extreme) driving exercises.

New sounds! For car wheels skidding and sliding effects.

Random dangerous situations! There will be generation of such events as: traffic cars driving on the opposite lane, etc.

New exercises! Added new special defensive (extreme) driving exercises:

  • snake with an offset;
    – snake with overall gate;
    – snake both forward and reverse;
    – turn-8;
    – emergency acceleration, emergency braking;
    – straight limited corridor;
    – pendulum between limiters;
    – limited circular corridor;
    – reversed tunnel gate.

Mirrors adjusting! Added an option of adjusting the mirrors.

● More realistic drifts and turns.

● Improved the calculation method of braking, including with the ABS.

● Added a window displaying information on the braking distance. For practicing different techniques to achieve optimal braking skill and braking distance.

Changes in the system of rules and traffic control:

● Improved behavior of AI traffic cars and rules’ control system at narrowing of the carriageway.

● Added checking of using a turn-signal when stopping.

● Added checking of stopping in wrong places. You can not stop:

  • in the area of signs prohibiting stopping/parking;
    – at pedestrian crossings and closer than 5 meters in front of them;
    – in tunnels;
    – on bridges;
    – at railway crossings;
    – on the motorway.

● Added checking of reversing in wrong places. You can not move in reverse:

  • at pedestrian crossings;
    – in tunnels;
    – on bridges;
    – at railway crossings;
    – on the motorway.

● Added checking of U-turning in wrong places. You can not turn around:

  • at pedestrian crossings;
    – in tunnels;
    – on bridges;
    – at railway crossings;

● Fixed a bug with navigation in left-hand traffic mode.

● Fixed minor bugs connected with textures and traffic AI.

New features and improvements:

Added an ability to set random routes in free driving mode. Routes can be defined as without any limitations (set only a destination, and let the navigator pave the best route to it), and be represented as a small mission with a limited penalty scores for traffic rules violations (user can choose what types of violations will be considered – all types of violations or only some types).

Added a new set of exercises – “Professional”, which includes three new exercises. Two of them are with an opportunity of nonlinear walkthrough.

Added navigator tips while drive along the route.

Added two new languages support: Japanese and Czech.

● Reduced the sound volume of a car engine.

● Improved shadows rendering algorithm. Shadows are rendered much farther and more detailed nearby.
● Improved headlights in DirectX 11 mode. Headlights became as bright as in DirectX 9 mode.
● Other minor graphical improvements.

Control system of traffic rules and statistics improvements:

● Added a new penalty for interference a vehicle moving in passing.
● Increased fines for various violations of traffic rules. 🙂
● Improved the monitoring of turned on blinker before start driving.
● Improved the display algorithm of the warning about exceeding the speed limit.

AI system bug fixes:

● Fixed collisions of AI traffic cars between each other at exits from bridges, as well as in other places.
● AI traffic cars slow down now before railroad crossings.
● Fixed bugs related to speed limits.

Control system of traffic rules bug fixes:

● Fixed false reports about switched off blinker.
● Fixed false reports about false driving direction.
● Fixed false reports about deviation from the route just before a railway crossing.

Graphical bug fixes:

● Fixed most of the errors associated with the landscape.
● Fixed night lightmaps in all locations.
● Fixed “flying” houses at the junction of Modern and Southern districts.
● Fixed “flying” trees on a countryside road.
● Fixed other graphical issues (including black polygons).

Added the left driving mode (driving on the left side of the road).
Added two new right-handed player cars (wheel is on the right side of the car).
Added two new languages support: Turkish and Chinese.
Added DirectX 11 support (can be selected in the game settings menu).
● Added two-section traffic lights.
● Added an ability to copy settings from the existing player profile, when creating a new one.
● Added an ability to view with a mouse inside of a car.
● Added support of needle indicators with irregular scale.

Bug fixes and improvements:

● Developed a new traffic rules control system for roundabouts. Rules are controlled in a new way – system gives more detailed violation reports, as well as recommendations.
● Improved behavior of A.I traffic cars on roundabouts. Cars began to comply with priority rules better, as well as use turn signals correctly.
● Improved steerability of A.I. traffic cars. Increased their stability on the road.
● Refined pedestrian crossings. Behavior of pedestrians and A.I. traffic cars at pedestrian crossings became more diverse and dynamic.
● Fixed collisions of A.I. traffic cars with player’s car and between each other at start of the driving session.
● Corrected conditions of issuing recommendations to increase the distance.
● Corrected texts of exercises.
● Improved checking of the turn signal switching status at the beginning of the movement.
● Fixed false violation reports of turn signals using on road bends.
● Fixed false violation reports of driving on the oncoming traffic lane on the courtyard territory in free driving mode.
● Fixed a bug caused traffic jams in narrow passages.
● Fixed a bug caused the game to crash in case of launching via shortcuts on desktop and in the “Start” menu sometimes.
● Fixed a bug caused loosing of settings and achievements in a user’s profile.
● Fixed a bug caused the game to crash in case there was no any sound device connected to the PC.
● Fixed other minor bugs.

● Added new player car, similar to FIAT-500;
● Added new languages support: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese;
● Added new special service cars in traffic with rotating beacon and special siren, which have a major priority;
● Fixed several level design issues.

Added a multilinguial support: English, Deutch and French user interface;
Added a new player car;
● Fixed several bugs, which caused the game to crash;
● Fixed several defects in level-design.

Greatly improved artificial intelligence and traffic rules control system:

● Traffic cars learned the U-turn at intersections;
● Fixed “dead” traffic jams at intersections (due to the new traffic cars’ skill to move in reverse);
● Traffic cars increasingly make way for the player with priority at intersections, properly pass one another (they less bump and less stand on the road unreasonably);
● Quantity of cars and pedestrians now corresponds to the density of each area (also fixed large number of cars on the highway when traffic density is set to low);
● Traffic cars acceleration and deceleration now matches the characteristics of real cars (fixed unnatural, sharp acceleration and deceleration);
● Driving behavior of traffic cars is more satisfied to the selected type of traffic (calm, aggressive, etc.). This is reflected in the average speed (for example, when you select the aggressive behavior of traffic cars, they drive much faster in the left lane of the highway);
● Traffic cars like to drive on the right side of the road (there’re more of them in right lanes of the road), and the traffic cars speed on left lanes of the road became much faster);
● Traffic cars ceased to stop immediately, when an obstacle appears in front of them;
● Traffic cars ceased to drive through intersections at red lights;
● Reduced the number of traffic rules violations on roundabouts caused by traffic cars (for example, they ceased to turn left from the right lane).

Improved the behavior of traffic cars on roundabouts:

● Traffic cars increasingly make way for the player with priority on roundabouts;
● Traffic cars less stand on the road unreasonably;
● Fixed abnormally short lane changings (perpendicular to the lane) of traffic cars on roundabouts;
● Now traffic cars switch on the turn signal on roundabouts according to following recommendations:

  • If the traffic car drives off the roundabout in the first ramp: it drives in the roundabout and drives along the roundabout with the right turn signal;
    – If the traffic car needs to drive for about half of the roundabout: it drives in the roundabout and drives along the roundabout with none of turn signals;
    – If the traffic car needs to drive for almost the entire roundabout: it drives in the roundabout and drives along the roundabout with the left turn signal;
    – When the traffic car drives off the roundabout: it switches on the right turn signal.

Added possibility of changing sounds for user cars.
Added support for simultaneous use of unlimited number of input devices (wheels, joysticks, gamepads, etc.).
● Added feature: when you select the low graphics quality settings, the texture quality is also reduced (needed for a PC with a small amount of RAM).
● Improved performance of redrawing minimap window.
● Reduced the CPU peak load level for AI calculations.
● Fixed bug caused performance decrease in graphics system.
● Fixed bug caused memory leaks.
● Fixed bug caused crash when booting the driving mode with an automatic transmission.
● Fixed bug caused crash when using several game steering wheels (eg, Defender Forsage Drift GT).
● Fixed “hovering” road signs.
● Fixed incorrect rear sight rotation.
● Fixed incorrect lighting on sidewalks.
● Fixed incorrect night lighting on some village houses.
● Fixed incorrect lighting on curbs (road borders).

● Mathematical model of car’s engine has been modernized appreciably. Work of clutch and automatic transmission has been improved. All player cars have been tuned. As result – car behavior became more realistic.
● Awesome optimization work has been done! The game perfomance in some exercises has been improved. Game loading became faster. Traffic AI has been optimized. Perfomance increment summary is from 5% to 25% (accroding to game settings and PC perfomance).
● Added support of the Bodnar box device.
● Added a new ability – players can change car models and even add their own cars now!
● Added a new car – all-wheel drive military minibus!
● Improved behavior of traffic cars – decreased number of car crashes with player car on crossings, while changing road lanes and from behind.
● Fixed arrangement of cars on road – buses, trucks and other slow vehicles drives closer to the right side of the road.
● Improved behavior of pedestrians – they don’t cause solid traffic jams on pedestrian crossings anymore.
● Improved navigator – the visualisation of roads became better and navigator shows the name of street now.
● Improved user interface – scrolling of player cars and colors is available both forward and backwards. Added sound effects for main menu elements.
● Added special colouration for several player cars.
● Calculation of penalty score is more accurate now.
● Decreased the difficulty of some exercises.
● Added checkup of lower beam correct triggering.
● Fixed false detection of road rules violation in several cases.
● Fixed some mistakes connected with road signs placement and traffic lights work.
● Fixed rare game crashes in some exercises.
● Fixed rare game crash in Windows XP.

● Fixed crash in several exercises;
● Fixed startup logo (fixed crash because of video codecs conflict).

Full version of the City Car Driving” simulator is NOT free! You can buy an activation key here.

Attention. To avoid problems with game launching run the installation file and the game itself with administrator privileges (right click on it and choose “Run as administrator” in the context menu). During the installation process you should agree on installing all additional software, because it’s necessary for correct program operation.


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