Apr 6 2020

Cool car photos #Cool #car #photos

Cool car photos

Cool car photos

by Camisha Miller


How did Tim and you meet? We actually met on a blind date. My girlfriend and a guy friend of his were dating at the time and decided to play matchmaker and set Tim and I up.

Do you think any of your children will race? Well TJ raced go karts already and Becca wants to so probably someday.

Favorite racetrack? Watching Tim race I would have to say Dodge County or Three Lakes (we haven’t raced there in year’s ☹ ).

Favorite food at the racetrack? Brats

What do you do for a living? To make it easy I process claims and work with other insurance offices to answer claim questions.

Favorite race memory? The first feature Tim won during our relationship (I believe it was at Beaver Dam Raceway) it was shortly after we had Becca. I wasn’t at the track but I packed Jordyn and Becca up into the car to meet him out to celebrate with our sponsors, family and crew.

Least favorite race memory? Umm, anytime Tim flips.

What makes you a diva? I don’t think I’m a diva by definition. I am a very strong willed woman who will stand up for and defend my family and friends with all that I am.

What about Tim do people not know but should? He is very sentimental when it comes to racing.

Favorite driver and can’t be Tim?! If I have to name just one I guess for Sprint Cars David Gravel and NASCAR would be Dale Jr.

I have had the privilege of getting to know both Tim & Sarah over the years due to our husbands racing together. There are not many racers that I want to win (other than my husband) but Tim is one of those drivers that I pull for and I know Sarah would tell you the same about my husband. She is strong-willed but has a heart of gold and that is what I adore about Sarah. She may say she is not a diva but deep-down she sure is J

One-on-One with Jillian Papa

How did David and you meet?

David and I met in high school; mainly through my brother because David used to come over the house and they would work on their Mustangs together. Since then, we have been together 6 years now!

He just won at the Big E, how did you guys celebrate.

Since David won on Thursday night, we still had to keep our game faces on for Friday and the big race on Saturday so we didn’t really celebrate too much. His parents came in for the races for their first time at Eldora and his owner and some sponsors were there so we had a good time in the pits afterwards and made a quick stop at Waffle House with everyone!

What do you do for a living?

I just graduated in May with a Bachelors Degree in Public Health and I’ll be continuing on to pursue a Nursing degree at a one – year accelerated BSN program back home in Connecticut! I started getting into an online fitness program through Beachbody called the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology, since I knew I’d be busy traveling and not always have time for the gym or have many opportunities for healthy meals. This program has targeting 30 minute workouts and incorporates a daily meal replacement shake to keep you full longer, boost metabolism to trigger weight loss and fight off any junk-food related cravings. I saw such amazing results within the first month of using the product I decided to sign-up as an Independent Beachbody Coach, where I can help others stay motivated and reach their fitness goals while making an income! The program really helped me stay on track with my nutrition while on the road and gave me the energy I needed for the long road trips after races! Shakeology was definitely my savior to keeping my diet on track on the road and helping me make an income at my leisure since it’s an online business!

The T-shirt Van is cleaver who came up with that idea?

The T shirt Van is an awesome setup! It allows David to travel around on his own schedule/have a vehicle on the road! His dad and him came up with the idea and customized the entire inside! His dad owns an auto body shop so he had eyes on the van as it used to deliver parts to their shop and got word that it was going to retire soon from being a parts truck.

Where is your home base?
My home base is Waterbury, Connecticut- about 15 minutes from Dave’s home base of Watertown.

Your favorite track?

This summer has been my first time out on the road for an extended period of time so I’ve been to many new tracks! When I was in school I was only really able to get to the PA, NY and big races like Charlotte or Knoxville. I’d have to say Eldora and Knoxville are definitely at the top of my list for favorite tracks!

Your favorite track food?
My favorite track food would probably be chicken tenders! A recent find was fried Oreos!

What makes you a diva.
After being on the road for a month and a half I definitely discovered a little more diva in me! I am home now and couldn’t wait to get pampered – nails and hair we’re overdue for some TLC!

Words you live by?
Words I live by are usually “everything happens for a reason” and “let go and let God”- I tend to stress things I cannot always be in control of so I just like to remind myself to go with the flow and everything will run its course.

What does your future hold?
My future hopefully holds a successful school year where I will obtain my RN and be able to have a flexible schedule to make it out to the races!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jillian and David when the Outlaws raced in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. We sat and talked for quite a while and I was so impressed by how extremely friendly and professional they both were. I adore their t-shirt van and my family cheers loud for David!

Jillian welcome to the Dirt Diva club!

One-On-One with Jordan Armstrong

How did Kevin and you meet? We had mutual friends and then one day he was driving through Little Rock we went to the driving range and got ice cream on our first date (my idea.)

Now here we are. Getting married lol!

Explain how YOU are doing with all that has happened with Kevin?

I really am as happy if not happier than what I was prior to his accident. Is our life completely different than it was? Yes. Is this easy? Absolutely not, but Kevin makes this easy (most days.) Every single day he amazes me at how well he has handled this. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel or where my head would be at. I will admit after the first surgery when they told us he would never walk again I had a moment where I lost it. Since that moment every amount of news and every day we have proven those doctors differently. The only thing I hate is being away from our home. Louisville might have the best rehab facility I could ever wish for but there isn’t any above average Mexican food around here J

If there was one thing that you wanted people to know about Kevin, what would it be?

He is hands down one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet.

Your favorite race track?

My parent’s house is 2 miles away from I-30 Speedway. Its home and I’ve spent almost every weekend of my life at that place-I love it.

Favorite driver (cannot be Kevin or Sammy 😉 & favorite race memory:

This is going on a sprint car forum correct? I’m a huge late model fan so I have to tell you Scott Bloomquist.

Last year chili bowl; Yes, he has won 4 of them but I’ve never been more proud of him than I was last year. He genuinely showed how good he is there. Kevin raced hard and battled back from every bad thing that could possibly happen to be pretty dang close to winning another one; I literally don’t think I took a breath that whole race.

What do you do for a living?

Prior to Kevin’s accident I worked in property management. Now I am a full time dog mom, nurse, pharmacist and personal assistant/trainer. I also spend time working on our new t-shirt line. So if you’re reading this go check out

What makes you a diva?

I am incredibly sassy…. I always have an opinion even when I shouldn’t….I blame my father for that trait J

What are some goals for 2016.

My main focus for the year is Kevin’s rehabilitation. Day in and out we are going to therapy, extra gym time and then trying to fit in as much work at home as we can. Other than that I hope to fit in my wedding dress.

How has Zoey Kevin’s daughter doing with everything?

She’s an incredibly strong 6 year-old; she listened intently as we told her. We sent her videos of when Kevin was first able to kick his leg and she than brought her soccer ball with her when we had her the week of Thanksgiving and they kicked it around. She knows her Daddy is no different than he was.

How has Zoey taken to you?

Zoey is my girl and always will be; there’s nothing more fun than me and her ganging up on her dad and I have a great relationship with her mother which is great.

As I got to thinking about Kevin and his family whom I have known for years and have the utmost respect for, it dawned on me that when I first started this venture of Dirt Diva interviews it was to showcase the women that stand behind their men whether it be from a wife, mother, daughter, sponsor, girlfriend, best friend, etc stand-point.. So I thought to myself what about interviewing Jordan because she truly has been a rock for Kevin. She without any hesitation agreed and this has been quite a learning interview/experience for me. I am a lot like you are DIVA with being sassy J and I think that is what makes us strong! Keep up the great work with everything you have going on; we are always thinking and praying for you guys!


How did Shane and you meet?

At the races, of course-Knoxville Nationals. The best time of the year!

How long have you been involved in racing?

I’ve actually been going to the races longer than I can remember. My dad was involved with his families racing, so through that, we always went, which actually works out well for Shane and me. A lot of girls wouldn’t understand the lifestyle and long distance of a relationship in racing, however for us, it works.

What do you do for a living?

I am an Independent Consultant with Rodan & Fields, a premium skincare company. So if any of y’all need some great products, let me know! I also have started Tutu Twist where I sell infant/toddler tutus and tutu dresses. I was making them for our daughter Nixon, and received so many compliments on them and thought, why not just sell them!

Favorite racing moment with Shane?

Oh man, that’s a tough one as there are so many. Honestly, every win he has gotten has been a great moment, whether I am there or not. Just this year I have been so proud of him and the whole LMR team. It’s their first year out running with the World of Outlaws and they are second in points. The dedication and drive that Shane, Scotty, Andrew and Heath have is incredible. That is what it takes to win races and drive with the Outlaws every night. But if I had to pick my one favorite moment, it would be Shane’s qualifying day at the Nationals in 2014. The day we found out we were having a baby girl, and that night he won the A; It was just a great day overall for the both of us! 🙂

Worst racing moment with Shane?

Hmm…. Another tough one… Any night that he wrecks or crashes makes for a rough night. But worst moment for me was in 2013 when I flew home from Australia. He was still out there racing, and I remember he had a pretty bad wreck. He wasn’t hurt or anything, but me just not being there was hard.

Favorite driver- it cannot be Shane 🙂

Uh oh, he might not like this question, ha-ha. 🙂 Of course he is my favorite driver, but second to him, I was always a
Steve Kinser fan ever since I was a kid; He’s The King! I wish he could still race like he used to.

What makes you a diva?

Well, I am a girl! 🙂 Shane might argue that I am raising Nixon to be a diva already. What diva doesn’t love shopping and fashion! I could shop all day, every day!

I have known Shane for a long time and I have to say he is one of my all time favorites. He has always been so kind to me and for that I am thankful. Jenn and I have connected on Facebook and I enjoy seeing photos of their little girl and wish them the best of luck with that little peanut because she is already a DIVA

One-on-One with Stacy Ervin

How long have you been involved in racing?

I was born into a racing family. Grandpa Rocky owned a jalopy that raced in the 1960s at West Liberty Raceway and Columbus Junction Raceway (both in Iowa). My mom got the racing bug and so did I. I went to my first race at two weeks old. When I was 4 years old in 1976, my parents took me to my first Knoxville Nationals. I was hooked on sprint cars from then on.

What do you do for a living?

I have a bachelor’s degree in English, with emphasis in journalism and public relations. After I graduated, I spent about 10 years as a newspaper reporter and editor. I now work at the University Of Iowa College Of Education.

What did you do when you worked at Knoxville Raceway?

Kathy Bell helped me get my start back when I was working for newspapers in the mid-1990s and I started doing some freelance columns for Hawkeye Racing News from Iowa and for various drivers’ newsletters. In 2001, the publisher of the Knoxville Journal Express at the time asked me to be the lead writer of the Dirt Digest. The job involved sitting in the press box on race nights and writing the results story, in addition to columns. When the Dirt Digest folded a couple years later, former promoter Ralph Capitani allowed me to stay on and help the track with the new live results streaming on the internet. Former track historian Bob Wilson and I made a great team and Cappy made me a real track official in 2006. I also helped Bob assemble the official Knoxville Nationals program for several years. Shortly after becoming an official, I was asked by the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum to be the moderator for their “Women in Sprint Car Racing” forum at the Knoxville Nationals and I did that for several years, as well.

Biggest accomplishment you feel you have in racing?

I got to do so many different things during my 12 years of being at Knoxville full time that it’s hard to pick one thing; hosting the women’s forum was always incredibly rewarding. It was also a great honor to write the “official” results story for the 50th Knoxville Nationals. Though there were sometimes frustrations to deal with, my time working at Knoxville as a whole was the best time of my life.

Most favorite thing you have gotten out of racing?

Unquestionably, all the friendships I made and people I got to interact with by doing these jobs is the greatest. Race people are so awesome and I always enjoyed talking to the fans. I have so many fun memories of my Knoxville life. One of the best was the night track announcers Tony Bokhoven and Justin Zoch let me take a microphone for time trials. I think Tony thought I would totally blow it, but afterward my announcing hero, Tim Trier, said I had done a fantastic job. Rod Pattison let me fill in for Bill W one night when Hoseheads Radio was at Knoxville. Racing writers Pat Sullivan and Dave Argabright complimented my writings and the late Ruby Sorensen, who was a pioneer for women racing writers, once quoted me in her column. Sitting next to Ralph and Marilyn Capitani every week felt like going to the races with my grandparents. It was all the positive interactions with people I had always looked up to that made it all special.

Who is your favorite driver and why (cannot be a relative)?

There are lots of drivers I have become good friends with over the years. Brian and Heather Brown were my weekly “neighbors” at the Super 8 motel in Knoxville for many years. I started writing columns for Donny Schatz’s newsletter long before he became a champion. So I certainly love the success both of those guys have had at Nationals. My first favorite driver in the early days of coming to Knoxville was T.J. Giddings.

But I think most people around Knoxville know that I have been close friends with John Hall (360 driver from Marion, Iowa) since he started racing there in 1988. I liked him because he was from my part of the state, Eastern Iowa, and most of my hometown friends didn’t have any idea what sprint-car racing was since we lived a couple hours from Knoxville. We became great friends and I have helped him with his racing endeavors ever since. And along that same line, I am also close with Tom Lenz (also a 360 driver from Marion, Iowa) for those same reasons. Once my work with my press box family was finished on race nights, the Hall and Lenz crews would become my pit family afterward.

It doesn’t matter how rich, talented, educated, cool or attractive you think you are. How you treat others ultimately tells all.

What makes you a diva?

Well, I’m an only child. I’m passionate about a lot of things and I’m not afraid to stand up for what’s right. I don’t have much time for people who aren’t nice or who aren’t sincere. Both having run a newspaper (which means you never make everyone happy, least of all yourself) and working in racing (where there can be lots of testosterone-fueled egos) have taught me not to let what others say affect what I know about myself.

I got to know Stacy while I was at the Nationals one year and after my accident happened 4 years ago she reached out several times and I thank her for that. She also asked me to attend the Forum but I was too sick to attend, however I hope that it will come back because it is a very neat idea. Stacy, you do a fantastic job writing and covering the races, and I can appreciate that being a PR person myself; keep up the great work DIVA!

One-on-One with Tina Madsen

How did Kerry & you meet?

We actually met in Knoxville in 1998, when it was Kerry’s first entire summer racing here. A group of co-workers and I would all go out on Friday nights after we finished work at Midnight. Back then we went to the ‘bowling alley bar’ called Sportsman’s Lounge. I was ordering a drink and as soon as he started talking to me I knew why he was here; even though I had never been to a race yet at that point.

Do you have children, if so, will any of them race? No. Anyone that knows me knows how I feel about children. I do not want any! I’ve never had any interest in being a mother, which I think is a good thing being that I spend way too much time alone & doing things on my own; I would never want to bring a child into this lifestyle.

Do you prefer racing here or Down Under? Here. It’s just so much simpler & not near as dirty (except for Ohio) it’s dirty!

What do you do for a living? Well for my paying job I work for 3M here in Knoxville. I operate a machine that cuts rolls of VHB (very high bond) tape into various sizes & lengths. It’s all different kinds of tape used in vehicles, building structures/windows and solar panels to name a few. Other than that, I’m also the housekeeper, groundskeeper, secretary, pool technician, sales associate and cook.

Best racing memory you and Kerry share? Finally winning the Kings Royal last year; it was such an awesome race and especially after he had been so close so many times prior, and I was actually there for it!

Worst? The night he crashed at Grand Forks a few years back. He said that while walking back to trailer he noticed the top of his head was a bit sore. Then upon farther inspection he noticed his helmet had a hole entirely thru the top to the point in which it ‘touched’ his head! I then received a photo of the quarter sized hole the wing ram had punctured down thru the top of the helmet. That helmet is now on display at Speedway Motors in Nebraska.

Favorite race track? Knoxville because its 3 miles from home! Premier Speedway in Warnnambool, Australia because its home to the Classic which I consider to be the biggest race in the country and usually the most fun! I love the town and have good friends there I get to visit as well.

Favorite thing to do outside of racing? Anything outside, except for in winter! I’m always out doing yard work, or in the garden, taking care of all the flowers I have. anything to be outdoors! I grew up riding and showing horses. I’ve been away from it for a long time now, but any chance I get to go ride I take it!

One thing you would like people to know about Kerry is. He’s actually a pretty shy guy. He’s also quite humble. Although he gets pretty fired up at times racing, he’s pretty laid back. And when he plays his guitar down in the basement all alone. I sometimes hear him singing as well. LOL! It’s actually not bad!

What makes you a diva?

I have no idea; I totally don’t consider myself a diva?? I guess I am not a fan of being told NO so in turn I will do it or get it myself- if that makes me a diva!

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