Apr 6 2020

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Car space comparison

Best cars with the most legroom

Practicality is a common consideration when browsing for a new car, but legroom is often overlooked. If you’ll be carting passengers around on a regular basis, it makes sense to think about which car will offer the most space for people in the back. We’ve rounded up the best cars on sale right now with the most legroom.

If you’ve already picked your perfect new car, our PCP calculator can help you get a better idea how much it could cost.

1. Skoda Superb

With the Superb, you get a lot of car for a very reasonable price and it really lives up to this where practicality is concerned. Skoda’s flagship family car has become renowned for its class-leading rear legroom – it’s up there with the priciest executive saloons on the market.

There’s plenty of space to get comfortable in the front too. But the roomy interior doesn’t come at the expense of boot space, which measures in at 625 litres. With great refinement, fuel economy and sharp looks, the Superb is a very capable long-distance cruiser.

2. VW Touran

Wherever you’re sitting, you’ll be guaranteed comfort and space in the Volkswagen Touran. The roomy MPV comes with a foldable third row of seats, boosting it to a seven-seater when needed or offering a generous-sized boot when they’re not.

Up front, there are supportive seats and the open interior creates an airy atmosphere. There’s plenty of room for three in the middle row too. Space is top priority in an MPV and the Touran delivers, offering seven seats and storage space too.

3. Mercedes E-Class

The E-Class leads the way in the mid-size executive pack when it comes to space and comfort. Those in the front seats are well catered for and the cabin is swathed in luxurious materials, but it’s the rear legroom that really impresses.

Passengers in the back seats have plenty of space to stretch out, partly due to the new E-Class’s longer wheelbase, and there’s a good amount of headroom as well. Plus, there’s no compromise between interior room and luggage space, with the premium saloon outclassing its rivals with a 540-litre boot.

4. SEAT Alhambra

The Alhambra’s close ties with the Volkswagen Sharan mean it gets good quality interior materials, a generous amount of equipment and room for seven people. But the Alhambra also provides the same amount of capacious cabin space for a cheaper price.

The sliding doors are a nifty feature and offer vastly improved access to the roomy second row of seats. The driver and front passenger will be perfectly comfortable too. Its larger dimensions mean the third row is more useable than rival MPVs, while good headroom and legroom make the Alhambra a spacious all-rounder.

5. Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport is the Evoque’s more functional, practical cousin and offers a supremely generous amount of interior space in a striking, curvy crossover SUV body. Most comfortable in its five-seat format, there’s a huge amount of room inside and a vast boot.

Front and – more importantly – rear legroom are class-leading and there’s a good amount of seat adjustment. Boot space can be compromised by this though and is almost non-existent with the option third row of seats, but it’s definitely a handy extra to have.

6. Honda Jazz

The Jazz hides its interior space well and is deceptively roomy considering how small it looks on the outside. Passengers will be surprised by the amount of legroom available in the back – tall people will be happy to know their knees won’t be digging into the front seats. The tall shape means headroom isn’t a problem either.

The quirky supermini has a longer wheelbase than the previous model and comes with a really decent-size boot – it really makes you wonder where all of this space has come from. Couple that with a smart interior design and low running costs and the Jazz becomes one of the best small cars on the road right now.

7. Suzuki Baleno

The Baleno may not be the most exciting car to look at and the interior is a bit dull, but there’s plenty of space and legroom inside. It will comfortably seat four tall people and there’s lots of kit included as standard too.

Practicality is the number one aim for the family hatchback and the spacious interior proportions are backed up by a class-leading boot. A wide range of adjustments mean it’s easy to find the right driving position and headroom is generous throughout.

8. Mercedes S-Class LWB

The long wheelbase version of the S-Class takes the executive saloon’s interior space and luxury to another level. The long wheelbase really makes itself felt in the back seats, with acres of legroom.

The S-Class offers unrivalled comfort in its class and comes with all the gadgets and tech you’d expect from a premium car, so it’s not just about the room. There are a whole array of seat features and adjustments and the attention to detail inside is impressive.

9. Suzuki Celerio

The Celerio is the second Suzuki on this list, and it’s clear the manufacturer has upped its game with recent models and made practicality a real priority. For a small city car, the Celerio is unexpectedly spacious inside and can comfortably fit four people.

There’s generous legroom and headroom all round, even rivalling cars in the above class for the space on offer. It boasts low running costs and purchase price too, making it a strong alternative to the common – but more cramped – alternatives in the city car category.

10. Ford Mondeo

The Mondeo’s cabin is simply a nice, refined and pleasant place to be. With an upmarket finish, strong build quality and a great range of standard equipment, it’s a cheaper rival to mid-size executive saloons like the BMW 3 Series or Audi A4.

Space and interior comfort also rival the cars in the class above, with extremely generous legroom and headroom in the front and back seats. A big boot, room for four and striking looks make the Mondeo an extremely attractive family car.

Need headroom instead?

Longer in torso than leg? Look at our list of best cars with the most headroom – it’ll help you find a car with lots of space up top. If you’re still undecided on what car to pick, then put your needs into our car chooser – it’s a great way to whittle down the cars on sale to ones you might be interested in. Our handy PCP calculator can help give you a better idea how much your new car could cost, too.


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