Mar 21 2020

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Australia’s Leading
Car Broker Since 2003

Why do thousands of Australians choose car broker and car buying service?
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About deal with more than 2,000 car dealers across Australia. Our customers include some of Australia’s largest insurance companies, thousands of individual private buyers and a multitude of companies – as well as other car brokers! We cover all makes, including Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford and Holden. We have National Fleet arrangements with certain manufacturers to give our clients access to incredible discounts. We specialise in finding discounts on cars, and we are very good at what we do. We leverage the use of innovative technology, expert knowledge and substantial volumes to bring you the savings usually reserved for large corporate buyers.

We also have relationships with specialist automotive finance brokers that source the most competitive finance from a large range of lenders.

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Is this you?

  • Want to avoid the dealer tricks
  • Would rather not deal with car sales people
  • Finds the process of buying a new car to be tiring and stressful
  • Hates the phrase “I’ll just have to check that with the boss. “
  • Dislikes the uncertainty as to whether a good price for the new car was achieved
  • Just wants to buy at the lowest price

We can help you!

  • Make sure you get the lowest price on your new car.
  • Avoid getting hassled by sales people (and car brokers too for that matter).
  • Feel GOOD about buying a new car
  • Be secure in the knowledge that you got the best deal.
  • Remove the pressure and go at your own pace.
  • Get the highest price for your trade in.
  • Use our fully automated price inquiry system.

If you are ready to take advantage of our vast experience in the area of new car sales, you have arrived at the right place. car buying service is offering to achieve the lowest price on a new car guaranteed!
We operate on the basis of “never trust a salesman”. We explain every single step in fine detail. You can choose to skip right ahead and get a price right now, or you can explore our site and find out how our new car buying service works. You may contact us any time via email if you have any questions that aren’t answered already by our extensive site.

Whether it be a BMW, Ford, Holden. Mitsubishi, Renault, Volvo, Mazda or (almost) any other make – we cut to the bottom line quickly and effectively.

New way of buying a car

In the old days, the process was this:

  1. Listen to your uncle give you all his car buying tips.
  2. Visit a new car dealer. Haggle for price.
  3. Repeat step 2 until too tired, or out of time.
  4. Be tricked into thinking you got a great deal on your trade in, and a fantastic changeover price.
  5. Sign paperwork.
  6. Pick up the car from the dealership.
  7. Suspect (one week later) that the mats and mud flaps you managed to squeeze out of the dealer are non genuine.
  8. Notice (3 weeks later) that the build date of the car is six months ago. They sold you an old car!

Now the process is this:

  1. Submit price inquiry at .
  2. Sign paperwork (at the dealer or via mail).
  3. Dispose of your trade in car for the highest possible price using our unique MaxTrade method.
  4. Have the new car delivered to your house by the dealer. (Optional. You may choose to pick it up instead).

Your new car will still be delivered from a dealer in your city. You may still choose to service your new car at your local dealer. has just taken care of the following details:

  • Obtaining the lowest price (and ensuring there are no hidden costs).
  • Ensuring that the dealer supplies a car that meets your expectations. In other words: Make sure you get what you’re paying for!


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