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November 26, 2018

If you have lost a loved one to a motorcycle fatality, please accept my condolences.

If I can be of service in obtaining an insurance claim for your, please know that my services as a motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer do not cost you anything until we win the case.

I welcome calls from any relation to the deceased, in an effort to help you with outstanding bills, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, or just to help you get mental closure.

Deaths on Motorcycles are Not as Common As You Would Imagine

Everybody knows that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. Let’s face it, that is part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle.

The federal government has estimated that the number of deaths on motorcycles is about 30 times the number of deaths in cars, on a per miles traveled basis.

These deaths are mostly a function of the number of head injuries, which are more common among motorcyclists than car drivers – which should be fairly obvious. It is estimated that about 37% of deaths could be prevented by wearing a helmet. About 67% of the brain injuries could be prevented as well.

Not surprisingly, at least to a motorcycle accident lawyer, the majority of motorcyclist deaths occur in multi-vehicle crashes.

A rider can get thrown off the bike, and suffer some injuries, but usually not death. However when you get a massive vehicle colliding with a motorcycle rider, much or serious results occur.

The highest percentage of motorcyclist deaths occur during the peak of the riding season in Pennsylvania, which is June July and August.

50% of motorcyclist deaths occur on weekends, and were are likely to occur after 6 PM, in comparison to weekday statistics.

More than half of the motorcycle fatalities occur on major roads, that were not freeways. This is not surprising at all to motorcycle accident attorneys in Pennsylvania. The bigger the road, the busier it is, and the more chances of interacting with other motor vehicles.

Recently I read an article about a accident which took place in Pennsylvania, where a motorcycle rider lost his life when he collided with a car which was making an illegal u-turn.

This is not a claim I handled as a motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer, but it follows along with many of our own clients who tell very similar stories.

It was the driver of the car who caused this fatality, but this person received a mere citation, while the grieving family was left to seek retribution from their insurance company.

The at-fault party was not even drug or alcohol tested, however the decedent, who did absolutely nothing wrong to contribute to the cause of this accident, was tested for both drugs and alcohol – both of which were negative. Unfortunately, we will never know if the same were true of the at fault party in this motorcycle accident.

A wrongful death lawyer may have been able to assist this family in their time of crisis.

In every case in which I’ve been called upon to act as a motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer, the families of the deceased have been emotionally devastated by their loss.

Call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 888-292-5352 – 365 days a year. That’s 888-cycle-law.


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