Mar 12 2020

Auto dealership #Auto #dealership

Auto dealership

Auto dealership

Adam W. Hunzeker, Certified General Real Estate Appraiser
Appraiser’s License number is AG031747.
Real Estate Salesperson’s License 01375581

Adam Hunzeker began his appraisal career in 2001. He started out appraising residential properties and was employed as a Residential Real Estate Appraiser with a residential appraisal company located in Costa Mesa.

In 2004, he turned his focus on appraising commercial real estate and worked for CBRE and Cushman & Wakefield, Valuation and Advisory out of Orange County (Irvine), California. For 10 years, he gained extensive experience appraising auto dealership properties.

His major Clients included Ford Credit, General Motors, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz and Toyota. He also gained extensive experience appraising multi-family properties, industrial buildings, gas stations, funeral homes, retail stores, retail strip centers, office buildings and vacant commercial land.

Mr. Hunzeker graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University Long Beach in Urban and Regional Planning. He also attended California State University Fullerton and has a Certificate in Real Estate Appraisal, Certified General Module. He has passed all of the 30 hour Courses required for obtaining a Certified General License and the 8 Hour State Exam, which are required by the Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers (BREA).

Commercial Appraisals

The Auto Dealership Appraisal Company is an independent fee appraisal company providing commercial real estate appraisals. Our specialization is appraising auto dealerships and we will travel throughout the State of California for this type of appraisal work.

Appraisal Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealership

Auto Dealership

Auto Dealership

Auto Dealership

Auto Dealership

Auto Dealership

Special Purpose Properties

Everyone has visited a car dealership at one time or another and have a pretty good understanding of how they function and perform. In the Appraisal business, they are often referred to as special purpose properties.
They perform many different business operations which include the retail selling and servicing of new vehicles, insurance, financing, leasing, used vehicle sales, collision repair, painting and auto parts sales. In addition, many auto dealers have extensive wholesale businesses in both used cars and parts.
To effectively appraise an auto dealership facility, knowledge of the automobile industry is necessary. One of the differences in distinguishing them from other retailers is the special relationship that auto dealers have with their suppliers.

Auto Industry

Since this industry began nearly a century ago, manufacturers, such as General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, have traditionally concentrated on vehicle design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Because of the very large contributions and investments required for these functions and the need for frequent repair of early models, retail distribution developed into a network of independent dealers.

These dealers receive exclusive franchises for specific trade areas and are expected to provide facilities to sell and to service the products of their manufacturer.

Shortly after new cars and trucks come off the assembly line, they are sold and shipped by the manufacturer to their dealers who are responsible for financing, storage, and resale to the public.

In the past few years, many changes have occurred in vehicle sales, number of dealers, and facility design.

Consolidation is having a major impact on this industry. At the retail level, manufacturers are reducing the number of brands, dealers, and outlets. Consolidation in the auto industry is expected to continue in the future.

These dealers receive exclusive franchises for specific trade areas and are expected to provide facilities to sell and to service the products of their manufacturer. structural items, floors and walls, and columns).

Exterior (siding materials, attachments, windows, doors, sashes and lintels, vents, entryways, and other visible exterior related components).

Changing Market Conditions

To keep up with changing market conditions, most dealers want to modernize and expand their dealerships if possible or relocate to new facilities.

As a result, many of the existing facilities will become an oversupply and surplus, and the property will be converted to another use. Normally, this puts the Highest and Best Use of the property into question. These are just a few of the reasons why dealerships are appraised.


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